Can You Put New Carpet In A Caravan?

Can You Put New Carpet In A Caravan? Caravanning is fun and adventurous, but waking up on the cold caravan floor in winters is a huge turn-off for many people. Are you one of them and thinking, can you put a carpet in a caravan?

Yes, you can put new carpet in a caravan. Not just for the floor, you can also use carpet to cover your caravan walls. All you’ve to do is to get the right carpet that doesn’t fold and is durable.

Carpet is easy to clean and keeps you protected in the winter season especially. So, if you’re tired of the cold floor and walls of the caravan, then you shouldn’t delay putting a carpet in a caravan. Read on to know how you can do this task yourself.

What Tools / Things Do You Need To Carpet A Caravan?

Before you start putting carpet in your caravan, here are some basic things you’ll need:

• A custom-sized carpet for your caravan
• A sharp retractable knife
• Large square ruler or straight edge
• A measuring tape
• Carpenter’s pencil
• A good quality glue

If you don’t have these tools or don’t want to spend money on them for one-time use, you can hire professionals to carpet your caravan. It’ll also be helpful if you don’t have time or aren’t sure if you can do this task yourself or not.

What Tools / Things Do You Need To Carpet A Caravan?

How To Put Carpet In A Caravan

If you feel that you can’t do this yourself, then you need to think again. There is nothing so difficult in carpeting your caravan yourself. Here we the easiest way that you can use to put carpet in your caravan like a pro:

1. Measure your caravan’s space and cut the carpet in pieces that will fit in the spaces in your caravan you want to cover.
2. Put the carpet on the floor and trim the edges to fit them in the corners perfectly.
3. Join the pieces of the carpet with an adhesive in a way that they don’t look bad.

Note: You shouldn’t have a carpet in your caravan that is hard to cut and move. It’ll be difficult to remove for cleaning and also such carpets are not very good at keeping your caravan floor warm in winters. Instead, you can purchase a rubber or plastic carpet that is soft enough to handle yet tough enough to be durable.

Can You Use Carpet for Caravan Walls?

Yes, a carpet isn’t only for your caravan floor. You can also use it for covering your caravan walls if you don’t like wallpapers, panelling, or tiling. For this, too, you’ll need the same things that you needed to carpet your caravan floor.

How Can You Put Carpet On Caravan Walls?

Follow the steps given below to put carpet on caravan walls:

1. Apply a sufficient amount of glue or any other adhesive on the wall of your caravan. Place the carpet on the wall and press it gently so that adhesive gets attached to the backing. If you want to use spray adhesive, you’ll just have to spray the backing of your carpet with the spray.
2. Remove the carpet for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, and allow the excessive glue to go off. It prevents the glue marks from being visible on the carpet.
3. Now, you can apply the carpet permanently on the wall. Start with a corner of the wall, and don’t rush. Take time to make sure that you don’t leave any curves or gaps.

Can You Put Carpet On A Caravan Ceiling?

Can You Put Carpet On A Caravan Ceiling?

Yes, you can apply carpet on the caravan ceiling. A fully carpeted caravan is considered the best in winters and to some extent in summers too. If you want to put carpet on the caravan ceiling, you can follow the same procedure used for the caravan walls. It’s much easier than applying carpet on walls because you’re not interrupted by the door, windows, etc.

Can You Replace The Old Caravan Carpet With A New One?

Of course, you can replace the old caravan carpet with a new one. Many caravanners think that it will cost them a lot because they’ll have to remove the old one first to put a new carpet in the caravan. But you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not very expensive if you do it the right way.

Ways To Replace Old Caravan Carpet

You can get help from these different ways to replace an old caravan carpet with a new one if you want to keep it within budget.

Using Off Cuts

With this method, all you’ll have to do is put your old carpet in the car and take it to the local carpet shop. Ask the vendor if he can cut a new carpet that matches your carpet. He might resist at first, but it’s not difficult to convenience him. Then you can find some binding services to bind the edges of the new carpets you purchased.

Washable Cotton Rugs

When your caravan’s carpet is torn, you can replace it with washable cotton rugs. This method is particularly useful if your caravan has a nice vinyl floor covering. So, you’ll spare yourself from changing the carpet again and again. Whenever the rugs get rough, throw them in the washing machine, and your carpet is ready for use again.


It’s every caravanner’s dream to make his caravan as much comfortable as he can. Putting a carpet in a caravan is especially important in winters because the caravan gets cold otherwise. You can put a carpet in a caravan with some basic things that you can easily find.

Once you get everything, the next thing is to have some patience and follow the right guide, as mentioned in the post. You can also use carpet to cover your caravan’s ceiling and walls. Just don’t rush because you’ll end up messing up everything.

If your caravan already has a carpet, you can replace it with a new one using the ways mentioned in the post. No matter what you do, just remember that start only if you’re fully confident that you can do it. Otherwise, you can hire a professional.

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