How to find free motorhome parking in Belgium

Belgium is a must-visit place when you are touring through Europe. The country is very welcoming, and plenty of beautiful sites are waiting for you to explore. Motorhomes offer an incredible way to travel through the country as you explore multiple sites.

However, while these vehicles enable you to travel comfortably, they also come with a few challenges. One of these is finding appropriate parking spaces for the motorhome, and that too when you are traveling on a budget. The good news is that, like other European countries, Belgium also offers a variety of ways through which you can park your motorhome for free. We have offered a few recommendations here to give you a basic idea.

Free overnight parking in Belgium

Free overnight parking in Belgium

If you are looking for free overnight parking places in Belgium, you can do so at motorhome pitches or campsites. While most stopovers charge a certain fee, you may find many that are free. However, free stopovers do not offer many amenities and offer limited space.

If you are on the motorway and want to park for the night, you can do so in a parking area along the motorway. However, you can stay there for a maximum of 24 hours. You may also be able to park for the night in some parking lots; however, before you do, make sure that there is no sign prohibiting motorhomes or campervans from parking in the area.

One exception to this allowance is Antwerp, where spending a night in your motorhome in any area other than an official camping area is not allowed.

Wild camping is officially not allowed in Belgium; however, in many instances, you can park if there is no parking prohibition sign. If you need to stop on the roadside, you can do so for a limited time while adhering to parking regulations.

You can also park on private properties as long as you seek permission from the property owner. However, be sure to leave at the earliest, do not cause any disturbance, and clear up the litter before you leave.

There are also numerous RV parks in Belgium where you can park your motorhome for a maximum of 24 hours. We have listed a few here.

  • Demervallei, Aarschot, Flemish Brabant– offers limited parking with basic toilet and water facilities and is pet friendly.
  • Caseme Callemeyn, Arlon, Luxembourg– a quiet RV park within the city with five parking spaces, offers few facilities.
  • Schoolstraat, Brecht, Antwerp– a free overnight parking spot with up to 10 parking spaces. You will have to park your motorhome on a grassy surface.
  • Rue Lambert Marlet- Blegny, Liege– an elaborate setup with a café in the area offering shaded parking.

Staying in Belgium Aires

Staying in Belgium Aires

Belgium has an elaborate aire system, with around 100 facilities in the country, located mostly in the northern region of the country. You may not find many aires in the country’s southern region as the region is not densely populated.

Many of these aires are free of charge, particularly in the smaller towns and villages. You may not be charged for staying in these aires, but you may have to pay a certain amount for the available services on the property. You can refer to sites like CamperContact, or park4night to find motorhome stopovers around Belgium.

Most aires are located around villages, and small towns and bigger cities have only a few options in their nearby vicinities. You may need to stay at campsites around bigger cities where such motorhome stopovers are not available.

An example of a free site is Sint-Katelijne-Waver in Antwerp. It is a small site behind the town hall where you can stay for a maximum of 72 hours. It is a pet-friendly place with water and waste discharge facilities. Electricity and fresh water are available, but you will need to pay to avail of the services.

Another such site is Parking’t Zwarthof in Zoersel in Antwerp. It is a small but beautiful site on a farm. Parking is free, but it does not offer any amenities.

Similarly, if you are in Blegny, you can park in the parking lot of the coal mine. It allows parking for a maximum of 48 hours. Basic facilities like water and waste discharge are free, but you must pay for water and electricity.

Is there free overnight motorhome parking available in Belgium?

You can park your motorhome overnight for free in parking lots, public areas along the motorway, or motorhome stopovers. You can also park on private property, provided you seek permission from the property owner.

Can I do wild camping in Belgium?

Wild camping is officially prohibited in Belgium, particularly along the coast. During peak season, there is strict control and monitoring to prevent travellers from wild camping. If you are found to be violating the regulation, you may be imposed a penalty of up to €150.

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