Are Buccaneer Caravans Reliable? Top 4 Important Questions

Are Buccaneer Caravans Reliable? If we were to describe Buccaneer in one statement, it would be a brand where luxury meets innovation and technology. Touted as the most luxurious caravan range in the UK, Buccaneer vehicles are in a league of their own and popular among campers who prefer to travel in style and have a premium holiday experience.

If you are in the market for a new caravan, it helps to get an insight into what a particular caravan range has to offer. That said, we bring an insightful review of Buccaneer caravans, including a detailed account of its caravan range, models, and distinctive features.

Are Buccaneer Caravans Reliable? Buccaneer Caravans Preview

Buccaneer was created four decades ago by Elddis, the UK’s ace British motorhome and caravan manufacturer group. Elddis was owned by the Explorer Group, which was later acquired by the Erwin Hymer Group Uk in 2017. Thus now, Buccaneer, Compass, Elddis, and Xplore are part of the Erwin Hymer Group.

Like its sister brands, the Buccaneer caravan range is also built along the lines of the SoLID construction process, a pioneer fully-bonded construction system used in the marine, aircraft, and formula racing industries. It makes for durable, waterproof, yet lightweight vehicles with efficient fuel consumption.

Buccaneer Caravan Range

Buccaneer- A Brief Preview

The Buccaneer caravan range comprises five models with various variations. All the models are equipped with distinctive features and are eight feet wide. Here is a brief description of each.

Buccaneer Aruba Caravan

This model has a six-berth layout and is perhaps the most opulent of all. It has a clever design whereby the lounge converts to a double-up front, adding more sleeping space in addition to the double bed at the end. The price range for Aruba starts at £47,400.

Buccaneer Bermuda Caravan

The Buccaneer Bermuda has a four-berth layout and a spacious and elegant L-shaped layout with a dedicated entertainment centre. If you are entertaining, a split-style en-suite washroom can be used as a family bathroom or guest facility. Prices for this model start at £46,900.

Buccaneer Barracuda Caravan

The Barracuda is also a fourth-berth model with the same weight and price range as Bermuda. It is also similar to Bermuda in terms of the layout, with a massive lounge, a rear spacious double bed at the rear, and an en-suite bathroom.

With their sleek interiors and seamless designs, these caravans are indeed a class apart. The Barracuda won the award for the best-fixed bed caravan in 2023.

Buccaneer Cruiser Caravan

The Buccaneer Cruiser is another four-berth caravan with the distinctive feature of a retractable slanting Island bed and offers plenty of storage space. The price for this caravan starts at £46,300.

Buccaneer Commodore Caravan

Lastly, the four-berth Commodore model also features the folding transverse Island bed at the rear of the caravan with a spacious lounge in the front and a washroom in between. The price for this caravan starts at £46,300. Whether you are a couple or a family, the caravan has a flexible design to cater to your needs in both instances.

Buccaneer Caravan Distinctive Features

Buccaneer Caravan Distinctive Features

All the Buccaneer caravans are twin-axle models with a width of eight feet. All these models are luxurious and spacious, with a wide bedroom space and folding beds that allow for more floor space that can be useful in the daytime. The added storage and wardrobe space is also a huge plus.

These models also come with a touchscreen automated self-levelling system that enables them to self-level with the mere push of a button within a few minutes.

These caravans also come with underfloor heating, while the water and central heating system is controlled via an LCD touchscreen. Other distinctive features include LED lighting, a sunroof, and thermal insulation, among other features intended to provide a luxurious travelling experience.

Of all the Buccaneer models, Aruba is perhaps the most family-oriented, as it features the largest lounge. Other models, too, are ideal for families and couples alike as they feature transverse beds and offer the option of an en-suite family washroom.

Are Buccaneer Caravan Reliable?

As suggested earlier, Buccaneer features SoLID (strong, light, and dry) construction, the only full-bonded construction system that allows for durable and waterproof yet lightweight vehicles with proficient fuel consumption.

Like its sister brands, Buccaneer also offers a ten years body integrity and water ingress warranty. Thus, in addition to luxury, Buccaneer also presents itself as a credible and reliable caravan manufacturer.

Buccaneer Caravans Overview

While the Buccaneer brand is synonymous with luxury and also offers reliability as it comes under the umbrella of Elddis, you must consider a few considerations if you want to invest in a Buccaneer.

Given the luxury factor, these caravans are equipped with premium facilities, which naturally makes them more steeply priced than the rest of the options in the market. Hence you must only consider Buccaneer if the budget allows it.

Also, all the models are massive twin-axle vehicles with an eight-foot-wide layout and weigh more than 1900kgs. Hence you must consider the towing capacity of your vehicle or keep this in mind if you are planning to buy a new towing vehicle as well.

Where are Buccaneer Caravans made?

Buccaneer is a UK-based brand and a part of Erwin Hymer UK. All its caravans are manufactured and assembled in Durham County, UK.

How Much is a Buccaneer Caravan?

According to the official website, the basic prices for the Buccaneer range from £46,000 to £49,500, with Aruba at the highest end of the spectrum. The price is subject to increase with the addition of optional features.

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