Are Caravan Parks Open All Year?

Did you know that out of every 2000 brits, over 500 have now rented a motorhome or owned a caravan? Yes, the culture of caravanning has roots deeper than you realize.

According to statistics, in 2030, the number of journeys per year will be incremented by one million more journeys. This clearly states that the trend of caravanning is ever-growing.

There was a time when summer was considered as the only viable season for spending time in a caravan park. This perception is rapidly changing with the introduction of much-needed amazingly efficient heating systems. Moreover, holiday parks are also striving to provide year-long facilities making caravanning a season-less activity.

In a nutshell, the answer to the question are caravan parks open all year? is…

Yes, some caravan parks are open all year. In fact more and more parks are extending their season due to increased demand and popularity.

What Is The Best Time To Stay In A Caravan Park?

What Is The Best Time To Stay In A Caravan Park?

Although you can find caravan parks that will remain open all year, you’ve got to consider the best time to stay there. If you want to stay in a caravan to enjoy a beautiful destination, don’t forget that all seasons are not the same.

If you enjoy summer at a place, that doesn’t mean that winter will also be favourable for your stay. Let’s find out how different seasons can influence your caravanning.

Caravan Parks In Summers

Summer is undoubtedly the most favourite season for many caravanners for multiple reasons. First of all, summer is the best time when the whole family can spend time together. Kids are on summer break; you have time for the holidays.

If you want a break from boring routine life then caravanning in the summers can be a great way to lighten up your mood. Moreover, the weather in summer is very favourable for caravanning in most caravan parks.

Caravan Parks In Spring

If you love festive outdoor activities, including caravanning, then summer is the best time for you to stay in a caravan park. While considering a caravan park in spring, you should consider one that offers many outdoor recreational activities.

These may include aplenty, mountain biking, golf, etc. Observing an upward shift in the temperature in a caravan park is an excellent way to make spring a memorable time of the year.

Caravan Parks In Autumn

Summer is the peak time for caravanning for most people, including families. So, you’ll find the site always crowded at that time. If you don’t like to socialize much and feel that the crowds a turn-off, then you should consider caravanning in autumn.

It’s a perfect season to connect with nature without interruption because autumn is not the season when many people live in caravan parks. The gradually changing season patterns are a sight that you can’t miss by living at home.

Caravan Parks In Winter

Winter might seem hard in a caravan, but once you have all the necessary gadgets, you’re ready to start your winter caravanning adventure. To stay in a caravan park in winter, learn how to keep yourself warm outside your caravan. Once you’ve mastered this, you can get a good heating system for your caravan.

You can spend your Christmas and New Year in a caravan park, and you’ll be amazed to see the enthusiasm of the residents to celebrate even on chilly winter days. Lovely weather is not the only benefit you get by caravanning in winter. You save your money too! Many caravan parks charge less fees in winters than the peak seasons.

Is Your Caravan Suitable For 12 Month Use?

After finding a caravan park that stays open all year, you need to check if your caravan is suitable for 12-month use. Your caravan will experience different seasons in a caravan park, and it should have a build strong enough to stand all seasons without damage. Hint – check your insurance company are happy with winter usage.

Double glazed and central heated caravan are an excellent option for using 12 months. But they are a bit pricy with all the protection and comfort you need while caravanning all year.

You can also rent, but again you’ll have to pay a little more than the regular caravan charges. So, be prepared beforehand by choosing a suitable caravan.

Tips For Staying At Caravan Sites Open All Year

Tips For Staying At Caravan Sites Open All Year

Every season has different caravanning demands. So, if you plan to stay in your caravan all year, you need to follow some tips for a hassle-free caravanning experience.

Carry Tinned Food

Depending upon your caravan park location and weather, it can sometimes become challenging to get the basic food supplies. In such scenarios, canned food will be your saviour.

Take An Electric Blanket

If you feel that your caravan heating system won’t keep you as warm as you want on chilly winter nights, an electric black can help a lot.

Top Up Your Water

If you suspect that the cold weather can freeze the site’s water pipes, you should delay topping up or servicing your caravan water supply.

Leave Summer Items At Home

Barbecue might seem like an absolute necessity during peak caravan season. But you can’t really enjoy a barbecue party in freezing weather. So, if you’re staying in a caravan park in winter, leaving summer items at home can save some good space in your caravan.


If you’re an adventurous soul, then caravanning time will be the most exceptional duration of the year for you. Out of your curiosity and love for caravanning, you must have wondered, are there some caravan parks that stay open all year?

You’ll be glad to know that many caravan parks offer whole year accommodation. You can stay there whenever you want.

Every season at the caravan parks has some perks to offer. But you must be prepared to enjoy any season you spend there to the fullest. For this, your caravan should be suitable for 12-month use, if you’re going to stay in it the whole year.

With some basic tips and smart preparation, every season at the caravan park can bring you extreme joy and memories.

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