Are Coachman Caravans Reliable?

If you were to ask a caravan owner to recommend good brands of caravans, Coachman would be one of the first names. The brand is a clear forerunner in the caravan industry, and people love its products. However, as a prospective buyer, one may wonder if the hype is really worth it.

We have done some research to bring you a comprehensive review of Coachman Caravans so you can make an informed choice if you are in the market to buy a new caravan.

Coachman Caravans Overview

Coachman has been manufacturing caravans for nearly four decades. The company, based in Hull, produced its first range of caravans in 1986. Even with its first range, the company was impressed with its quality tourers featuring superior exterior, interior, and contemporary features.

Within a short time span, Coachman expanded its product range and forced its way amidst the competition to become one of the top manufacturers in the country.

Despite difficult times for the caravan industry in the 90s, the company continued to thrive, adding more product ranges, increasing its manufacturing capacity, and expanding its operations to cater to the ever-growing customer demand.

Today, Coachman is one of the leading names with numerous awards and accolades to its credit as an acknowledgment of its powerful and successful presence in the UK caravan market.

Coachman Caravan Product Range

Coachman Caravan Product Range

Coachman features an impressive range of options designed to benefit a wide customer base, with the primary focus being families or travellers planning long trips. These caravans are equipped with almost all the utilities and provide the comforts required for any season.

The company manufactures motorhomes and caravans both. Its caravans come in five ranges, further categorised into twenty-four models. The five ranges vary in terms of sizes, prices, and variety. These ranges include

Coachman Lusso 4-berth

This range was added to last year. It is characterised by a large L-shaped layout, Thetford swivel toilets, roof-mounted vehicular Wi-Fi, and Primo’s double-glazed windows for privacy.

Coachman Laser 3-berth and 4-berth

This range features an AAA Brake System, a boiler with an integrated pump, an ALDE wet central heating and hot water system that comes with a five-year anti-freeze, and a programmable LCD with touchscreen control.

Coachman Laser Xcel- 4-berth

Its main features include a multi-functional digital control panel, a water pump and tank, 12v master and light switches, mobile phone charging units, and better furnishings with superior backrests.

Coachman VIP 2, 3 and 4-berth

The distinctive features in this range include low-energy LED lighting and reading lights and Pioneer MVH-S12OUi for digital music.

Coachman Acadia 2, 3 and 4-berth

This range comes with a galvanised steel chassis with a euro axle. It has an Automatic Trailer Control system, an AKS Stabiliser, and a high-capacity electric fridge and freezer.

Some of the main feature options that you get with Coachman Caravans include solar panels, central heating and ventilation mechanism with gas temperature control, a tent over the caravans, fixed or portable Air Conditioners, a terrace, satellite and TV antenna, a fire alarm, a lighted minibar, numerous drawers and cabinets, superior upholstery, and furniture among others.

Since the layout is an important consideration, you may want to keep that in mind when considering your options. The price range of the caravans vary from £30,000 to £50,000, with the Acadia being the lowest priced range and Lusso the highest.

Why Should I Get a Coachman Caravan?

Why Should I Get a Coachman Caravan

Now we move to the most pertinent question. What about Coachman makes them a top choice for so many caravan owners? Here are a few points we could think of.

  • The first consideration is the caravan’s body. As a caravan that is designed for the UK, manufacturers must pay special attention to anti-corrosion measures to cope with the high moisture. Coachman checks on this account, as anti-corrosion treatment is an important step in the manufacturing process.
  • The caravans’ chassis and axle are of superior quality and designed to cater to the terrains in the UK and likely low mileage, given the country’s size and route lengths.
  • The interior of the Coachman Caravan range is designed along the lines of conventional English aesthetic preferences. The signature three-section acrylic windows, interior upholstery design, and colours all reflect Coachman being a true English brand.
  • Small details in the interior, including furniture accessories, fittings, and gas stoves, all give these caravans the look and feel of a charming little home. If you expect to take long trips in the caravan with your family, the Coachman is an ideal brand.

Most customers find Coachman to be a reliable brand, where its products have stood the test of time and proven to be durable and comfortable. One important aspect we must highlight is that Coachman Caravans are generally heavier than regular caravans in the market. While it can be attributed to the build quality, it may be a concern if your current towing vehicle is unable to tow a heavy caravan.

Is Coachman a Good Make of Caravan?

Coachman won the Owner Satisfaction Award 2023 due to its quality range of caravans with high-quality and superior features, making it a top-of-the-line caravan manufacturing brand. If you are considering purchasing a caravan, Coachman offers multiple viable options.

What is the Top Coachman Range?

Coachman features five ranges: Lusso, Laser, Laser Xcel, VIP, and Acadia. The VIP range is Coachman’s flagship and appears to be the most popular among customers.

Coachman Caravans Summary

Coachman won the Owner Satisfaction Award 2023. A score of 83.1% in the survey puts it at the top of the market, well ahead of most volume manufacturers. Most aspects and product features are favourable, with only a few hiccups, including the heavy weight of the caravans, lounge layout issues, and concealed lighting divided in left and right rather than front and back.

However, Coachman is one of the best in the market and offers a wide variety in terms of product and price range, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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