The Best Static Caravan Parks for Beach Lovers – Our Top 5 Picks

Best Static Caravan Parks for Beach Lovers – Beach lovers, rejoice! The UK is home to an incredible range of seaside caravan parks that offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and stunning coastal scenery.

With 30 great caravan parks on or very near to a beach across the nation, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding your ideal static caravan holiday home by the sea.

From Instagram-worthy destinations in Cornwall to adult-only retreats with unique experiences, this blog post will guide you through some of the best static caravan parks for those who can’t resist the call of the ocean.

Key Takeaways:

  • The UK has a great selection of static caravan parks for beach lovers, with 30 top picks located on or very close to the coast.
  • Some of the best options include Haven Kiln Park in Wales for family – friendly activities and direct beach access, Parkdean Resorts St Minver in Cornwall for stunning sea views and local attractions, and Devon Cliffs Holiday Park on the East Devon Coast offering an array of outdoor leisure activities.
  • Top features to consider when choosing a park include direct beach access, beautiful scenery/views, family-friendly activities like swimming pools & adventure playgrounds along with on-site facilities like restaurants, shops. Also look out for proximity to nearby attractions such as historical landmarks or theme parks accessible during your stay at these caravan sites by the seaside.
  • evaluating your budget before deciding which caravanning site you should choose is important; so research online or contact holiday park management’s booking department if necessary.

Best Static Caravan Parks for Beach Lovers

Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay

Experience the ultimate beachfront holiday at Haven Kiln Park, Parkdean Resorts St Minver, Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, and Ty Mawr Holiday Park – our top picks for the best static caravan parks by the sea in the UK.

Haven Kiln Park

Haven Kiln Park, situated in a stunning location near Tenby Beach in Pembrokeshire, provides beach lovers with the perfect getaway.

Known for its impressive scenery and direct access to the beautiful sandy shorelines, this caravan park offers a wide variety of static caravans to cater for all tastes and preferences.

The Haven Kiln Park is not only renowned for its picturesque surroundings but also boasts an array of family-friendly activities and on-site facilities that cater to visitors’ every need.

Whether it’s taking a dip in one of the indoor or outdoor swimming pools, getting involved in numerous sports activities, or enjoying live entertainment at their Show Bar venue – there is never a dull moment within this coastal haven.

What’s more, guests staying at Haven Kiln Park can easily explore local attractions such as Folly Farm Adventure Park and Manor Wildlife Park nearby (Fact 3).

Parkdean Resorts St Minver

Parkdean Resorts St Minver is a beautiful holiday park located in North Cornwall. This caravan park boasts direct beach access to some of the most stunning Cornish coastlines, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers.

The site has a range of static caravans available for hire, offering comfortable and spacious accommodation with all the amenities you would expect from a modern holiday home.

One unique feature of this caravan park is its proximity to local attractions such as Tintagel Castle and Padstow Harbour. You can easily explore these places while staying at the site.

In addition, Parkdean Resorts St Minver is known for providing excellent family-friendly entertainment day and night throughout your stay.

Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay

Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay is a stunning holiday park located on the Isle of Wight. This caravan park boasts direct beach access, with a beautiful sandy bay just steps away from your static caravan.

Aside from being able to enjoy the seaside, this holiday destination also offers a variety of family-friendly activities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, and sports facilities.

The on-site facilities and amenities include shops, restaurants, bars and evening entertainment to suit all ages.

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park is a popular choice for beach lovers seeking a static caravan holiday in the UK. Located on the stunning East Devon Coast, this park offers direct access to a beautiful golden sand beach and breathtaking sea views from many of its caravans.

Aside from its fantastic location, Devon Cliffs also boasts an impressive range of facilities and amenities, making it a top pick for families.

The park features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, adventure golf, sports courts, restaurants, bars and live entertainment throughout the day and evening.

Ty Mawr Holiday Park

Ty Mawr Holiday Park is located in North Wales and boasts stunning views of the Irish Sea. This caravan park offers static caravans that are only a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful sandy beach, making it ideal for those who love to soak up the sun and enjoy water sports.

The park has plenty of family-friendly activities on-site such as an indoor swimming pool, mini golf course, adventure playgrounds, and evening entertainment shows.

Ty Mawr also has fantastic facilities such as an on-site shop, launderette, arcade games room and multiple dining options which includes a restaurant serving delicious meals with sea views.

Best Features Of These Caravan Parks

Beautiful Scenery And Views

These caravan parks offer direct beach access, stunning scenery and views, family-friendly activities, on-site facilities and amenities, as well as proximity to local attractions.

Direct Beach Access

One of the best features that make these static caravan parks ideal for beach lovers is having direct access to the beach.

No need to worry about walking long distances or crossing busy roads, as guests can step straight onto the sand and begin enjoying their holiday by the sea.

Take Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay as an example where its caravan park’s location provides easy access to a secluded sandy bay with clear waters perfect for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing.

For those who want to experience more than just lounging on the shore, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park offers various outdoor activities directly on its private beach such as paddleboarding and kayaking.

Beautiful Scenery And Views

The stunning coastal views and beautiful scenery are some of the top reasons why people choose to book their static caravan holidays by the beach.

From rugged cliffs and sandy beaches to rolling hills and meadows, there’s an array of stunning landscapes that you can enjoy from your caravan park.

For instance, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park offers uninterrupted sea views across miles of golden sands and sparkling blue waters.

Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay is another excellent option that boasts picturesque countryside scenery set against a backdrop of the tranquil Solent.

Family-Friendly Activities

These static caravan parks offer a range of family-friendly activities, ensuring there is something for everyone. Haven Kiln Park in Wales has an indoor pool with slides, go-karts, and adventure playgrounds.

At Parkdean Resorts St Minver in Cornwall, children can enjoy the outdoor adventure play area or try their hand at archery or fencing.

For those wanting to explore the local area, Ty Mawr Holiday Park in North Wales provides easy access to Snowdonia National Park for hiking and biking trails.

Whether you’re after an action-packed holiday or just looking for some quality time together as a family by the sea, these static caravan parks have got you covered.

On-Site Facilities And Amenities

The best static caravan parks for beach lovers offer a wide range of on-site facilities and amenities to make your stay comfortable, convenient, and entertaining.

For example, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park boasts five-star facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, adventure golf course, climbing wall, archery sessions, bike hire service and more.

Ty Mawr Holiday Park has an array of activities like mini-golf courses (indoor/outdoor), children’s playgrounds (indoor/outdoor), go-karting tracks among others.

As for dining options at the seaside holiday parks such as Haven Kiln Park or Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes at on-site restaurants if cooking is not your preferred activity while away from home.

Proximity To Local Attractions

Another important factor to consider when choosing a static caravan park is proximity to local attractions. Fortunately, many of the UK’s top seaside caravan parks are conveniently located near popular tourist destinations and activities.

For example, Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay on the Isle of Wight is just a short drive away from Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s former residence.

Likewise, Haven Kiln Park in Wales is only a few miles from the picturesque town of Tenby with its historic castle and lovely beaches.

Some caravan parks even feature their own on-site attractions such as Ty Mawr Holiday Park which boasts an adventure playground for kids and indoor heated pool complex.

Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Caravan Park

Consider the location and accessibility of the park, as well as the size and type of caravan that suits your needs. Look for facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment venues, shops, and restaurants.

Location And Accessibility

The location and accessibility of a static caravan park can greatly impact the overall holiday experience. When choosing a seaside caravan park, it is important to consider its proximity to local attractions and amenities, as well as how easy it is to get there.

Additionally, accessibility may vary depending on what mode of transportation one plans to use. For those travelling by car, it’s important to check if there is ample parking available on-site or nearby.

Others may opt for public transportation; some parks offer shuttle services from nearby train stations or bus stops. It’s also worth considering the distance from home – many UK locations offer easy access to both rural countryside and beaches within a short drive.

Size And Type Of Caravan

When it comes to choosing the right static caravan for your beachside holiday, size and type are important factors to consider. Most parks offer a range of caravans with varying sizes, from compact two-berth models to larger six-berth ones.

Aside from size, the type of caravan can also affect your overall experience. Some parks offer luxury caravans complete with modern amenities like TVs and fully-equipped kitchens.

Others have simpler models that are ideal for those on a budget who don’t need all the extra frills.

Some popular options include Haven Kiln Park’s Platinum Caravan which offers luxurious furnishings; Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay’s Comfort Plus Caravan which is perfect for families who want an affordable option without sacrificing comfort; Devon Cliffs Holiday Park’s Premier Caravan which includes a private decking area with sea views; and Ty Mawr Holiday Park’s Bronze Range Caravans which provide great value accommodation suitable for families or couples traveling together.

Facilities And Amenities

The caravan parks listed above offer a wide range of facilities and amenities to meet the needs of beach-loving holidaymakers. For instance, Haven Kiln Park boasts an indoor pool, sports court, adventure playground, and evening entertainment for all ages.

Meanwhile, visitors at Parkdean Resorts Thorness Bay can enjoy on-site dining options at their restaurant and bar or grab snacks from their convenience store.

These are only some examples of the fantastic facilities you can expect when staying in one of these static caravan parks.

Reviews And Recommendations

Before choosing a static caravan park for your beach vacation, it is essential to read reviews and recommendations from previous visitors. Reviews can give you an overall idea of the quality of accommodation, facilities, activities and customer service offered by the caravan park.

It is advisable to read several reviews from different sources such as TripAdvisor, Facebook groups or dedicated review websites to get a balanced view.

Additionally, recommendations and tips from friends or family who have previously stayed in a particular caravan park can also be valuable. They may highlight hidden gems that are not mentioned in online reviews or offer insider knowledge on how to make the most out of your stay.

Finally, when reading reviews and receiving recommendations about static caravan parks for beach lovers, it’s important to consider what kind of experience you want from your vacation.

For example, families with children might prioritize parks with plenty of child-friendly activities while couples may prefer more secluded settings with romantic sea views.


In conclusion, beach lovers looking for a perfect static caravan park in the UK have a plethora of options to choose from.

Haven Kiln Park and Parkdean Resorts St Minver are fantastic options if you’re looking for family-friendly activities, while Devon Cliffs Holiday Park offers breathtaking sea views.

If you want something tranquil, then Ty Mawr Holiday Park is ideal with its beautiful scenery. Regardless of your preferences, it’s important to consider the location and accessibility of the caravan park as well as its amenities before making a decision.


What makes a static caravan park suitable for beach lovers?

A great static caravan park for beach lovers will be located close to the coast, with easy access to the beach and plenty of opportunities for water-based activities such as swimming, surfing or paddleboarding.

The site should also have amenities like restaurants, shops and leisure facilities to enhance your stay.

Are there any family-friendly static caravan parks near popular beaches?

Yes, many static caravan parks are well-suited to families seeking seaside holidays. For example, some sites provide children’s entertainment such as games rooms or outdoor play areas as well as being situated in locations with nearby kid-friendly attractions like amusement parks or zoos.

Can I bring my pets along when staying at a static caravan park on a coastal location?

This depends on the specific rules of each site; however, many places do allow dogs or other pets but require them to remain leashed while in public spaces such as communal gardens.

It’s always best practice though to check with the management team if you plan on bringing pets along during your stay.

What is the booking process for reserving a spot at one of these top-rated coastal static caravans?

The booking process may differ from site-to-site so it’s important that you take time reviewing their individual websites before committing.

However – Typically though most places will have an online booking system where users can select dates that work best for them and then choose between different types of accommodation options based upon availability, ranging from smaller units designed specifically couples up through larger lodges & cabins intended host groups traveling together.

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