Can I Rent A Motorhome In Taiwan? Read Our Handy Guide

The trend of travelling in a motorhome or an RV has become a prominent feature of the tourism culture in Taiwan. Locals and tourists alike, particularly the younger generation, consider these motorhomes a great source of entertainment and adventure, which is why the trend is also gaining traction.

If you, too, plan to cruise through beautiful and vibrant Taiwan on a road trip and want to rent a motorhome, here is what you need to know.

Can I rent a motorhome in Taiwan?

Adventurous travellers who enjoy the feeling of freedom when on the go and families who find it hard to commute during trips find motorhome travelling to be very convenient and enjoyable. Having a house on wheels with all the basic amenities, including a kitchen and a toilet facility, can make travelling hassle-free.

It is why motorhome rentals are gaining prominence in Taiwan. The increasing patronage from holiday goers, travellers, adventure seekers, and middle-class households for camping or excursion trips has led to a rise in the trend of renting motorhomes and campervans in Taiwan.

If you are wondering whether you can rent a motorhome in Taiwan, the simple answer is yes! You can indeed rent a motorhome in Taiwan and have several easily available rental options. However, there are multiple factors you need to consider in this regard. Continue reading to find out more.

What do I need to consider to rent a motorhome in Taiwan?

What do I need to consider to rent a motorhome in Taiwan

If you want to rent a motorhome, you may not find camper or motorhome rental services with the same companies that offer regular rentals. So you may have to look for companies that specifically offer motorhome rentals. However, do not despair, as Taiwan has numerous services dedicated to providing motorhome or camper rentals throughout the country.

These companies usually require a certain amount as an initial deposit and charge fees for any additional services or cancellations outside the specified window.

Therefore, when you find a rental company, make sure to read and understand all the rules and conditions before signing the rental contract. It always helps to read the fine print on such documents.

Moreover, if you have driven a motorhome or any RV before, you would know that while these vehicles are not hard to drive, unlike regular vehicles, it is important to drive them with care and at moderate speed, particularly along the highways and road curves for security purposes.

Since insurance for motorhomes comes at a steep cost and there is no going back, you must speak to your insurance firm or a lawyer to verify if your insurance policy provides auto cover on motorhome rentals or not.

Moreover, motorhomes come in various sizes. You will find a wide range of renting options, from light and compact trailers to large motorhomes in the luxury range.

You will need to make a choice depending on your travelling preferences and the size of the group travelling with you. The rental cost would also vary according to the type of motorhome you want to rent.

The most commonly rented category in Taiwan is the Class C motorhome. These are around 20 to 28 feet long and have sleeping space for six people. They are also comparatively easy to drive.

Rental costs are an important consideration and vary according to the rental duration and the motorhome class you have rented.

Generally, renting a motorhome is more costly than renting a car.

However, on the plus side, travelling in a motorhome implies that you do not have to worry about accommodation costs or hotel booking.

Hence, you incur a lower cost by renting a motorhome instead of renting a car and staying in a hotel. The comfort of having a readily available resting place is an added plus.

In Taiwan, most rental services do not allow smoking or littering in the motorhomes and may also charge you for deodorizing the vehicle during examination and sanitation once you return the motorhome if required.

Where can I stay in my motorhome in Taiwan?

Since the trend of motorhome travelling is increasing in Taiwan, you can easily find various options for staying with your motorhome for a night or for a few days. For instance, the new Taipei City and Taoyuan City areas have various options in the form of RV parks and free or paid overnight parking.

If you are in Taipei, check out the Hua Zhung Campsite along the Zhung River Park. Another great location is Jinshan Chingshui Campsite in New Taipei City. It is a free public area with beautiful locations and free basic amenities.

Similarly, if you are looking for a place along the beach, the Qixingtan Scenic Area along the beach in Hualien is popular among tourists for camping.

Is it legal to wild camp in Taiwan

Wild camping is strictly prohibited in preservation parks, national parks, and other designated areas around Taiwan. If there are campsites in the area, you must apply for a permit to stay in the area overnight.

You may be able to park your motorhome if there is no prohibition sign, but you must not do any activity that may reflect camping behaviour, for instance, getting awnings, chairs, or tables out or lighting a fire, etc.

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