Can you replace caravan cushions?

If you own a caravan and like to use it frequently, it needs regular maintenance and upkeep like your house. If you have been considering upgrading your caravan cushions but are clueless about where to start, we are here to help. Read on to learn some great tips to enliven your caravan space.

Why do good caravan cushions matter?

While travelling with family or friends can be a very exciting and gratifying experience, you know very well that these trips and outdoor camping can be very hard on the caravan.

The cushions in your caravan are one of its most used elements, and they may start looking old and worn out after a while. They are often subjected to spills and wear and tear at the hands of children and pets, or sometimes the print simply fades as they age. Moreover, with use, the seats may become tired looking and limp and uncomfortable to sit on.

Hence aesthetically pleasing and firm cushions are not only important to refresh your caravan’s look but also for your comfort.

Can I replace caravan cushions?

Can I replace caravan cushions

So, if your caravan cushions have been looking tired lately, you may be considering replacing them to improve the overall caravan look. While replacing the cushion is easily possible, there are a few options in this regard.

Considering the replacement cost, you may want to evaluate before throwing out your old cushions and getting new ones. If you are looking to work out an economical solution, getting new cushions may not be a budget-friendly option.

We have discussed a few options here.

Reupholstering caravan cushions

Reupholstering caravan cushions

Before you replace your old cushions, assess them and decide if they are worth salvaging. If the cushion fabric is in bad condition and the filling or the cushion pads are fine, you can reupholster the cushions using the same cushion pads and save some money in the process. Similarly, if you feel that the existing design or print is old-fashioned and gives your caravan an outdated look, you may be tempted to change the covers.

If you have a sewing machine at home and are experienced in stitching, you can do the reupholstering yourself and save more money. The only expense you will incur is for the fabric and stitching supplies.

When doing a DIY on cushion covers, you will be presented with many choices for cushion fabrics. The fabric you choose depends on how often you use the caravan and what kind of wear and tear is inflicted on the seats. For instance, if your covers are prone to spills or stains, you need a fabric that is easy to clean. Some good examples are denim or suede fabrics that can be washed and cleaned. Do not opt for a fabric that is suitable for dry-cleaning only. Also, it is better to opt for a darker-colored fabric, particularly if you are fond of frequent outdoor messy camping.

The amount of fabric would depend on the coverage requirement. For instance, you will need less fabric if you are just looking to replace the top part and side. You may want to measure the cushion’s width, height, and depth carefully before heading out to buy the fabric.

A standard small cushion measures 20×18 inches; a medium-sized cushion measures 35×16 inches, a large-sized measures 38×24; and extra-large measures 48×16 inches. For a small-sized cushion, you may need one yard. However, you can use a tape measure to assess how much fabric you need accurately.

Once you have the supplies, you can sew the cover or staple the material edges to cardboard under the cushions. You can also use a glue gun for the job.

However, if you are not up to the task, professionals can easily get the replacement done. Professional reupholstering services charge varying rates according to the type of fabric, cushion dynamics, and design requirements. For instance, the upholstery rates may be higher if the design is complex. Here is one such service you may want to check out.

Buying cushion covers

If the cushion cover and seat foam are worn out, you will need to replace that as well. This can happen if you have acquired a used caravan and want to upgrade it. While buying a used caravan saves you money, it also means that you will have to deal with the repair and upgradation of the vehicle to make it suitable for personal use. Getting new cushions can make a huge difference if the cushions are old or outdated. Hence when you buy paint or supplies to restore your caravan, add new cushions to the list too.

Therefore, if the existing caravan cushions have massive wear and tear due to excessive or rough use, you can easily buy new cushions and give your caravan a new look. You may find great options that offer customised or standard cushions in different sizes and fabrics. Again the price may vary according to the design, size, thickness, and fabric.

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