Do I Need Levelling Ramps For A Caravan?

Have you just bought a caravan? Planning a holiday trip on your own for the first? Wondering whether you need to buy a set of levelling ramps for the trip or not? If this sounds like you, then this article is for you.

Well, the answer to the question “Do I need levelling ramps for a caravan?” is a straightforward….

Yes, levelling ramps are a must-have when you plan to go out on holiday in your touring caravan or motorhome. It is because no matter how good your planning is, nothing is predictable when you are out and nature tends not to be perfectly level and flat.

In this article, we will discuss how levelling ramps can save your day. Other useful information that will help you in your journey is shared in this article, so stay tuned.

What Are Caravan Levelling Ramps?

There is no guarantee that you will find an even surface to park your caravan when you go out. Several caravan parks are on hill stations where getting a levelled parking spot is not less than a miracle. Even if your next destination is not a hill station, finding a perfectly levelled spot out there isn’t that easy.

This is where levelling ramps come in. In simple words, levelling ramps are plastic or aluminium models that keep your caravan steady and horizontal no matter how uneven the surface is.

What Are Caravan Levelling Ramps?

Why Should You Have Levelling Ramps?

There are more benefits of having levelling ramps with you on a trip than most of the caravan’s owners realize. Here are some benefits of having levelling ramps on board:

Camp Anywhere In Your Caravan

People who don’t carry levelling ramps with them keep looking for suitable places to camp. To watch most of the best views, you usually have to camp on uneven grounds. Carrying levelling ramps with you will allow you to park anywhere to enjoy the best sights.

Improve Your Caravan Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system of your caravan doesn’t work properly sometimes? Probably it is not because of your air conditioning; instead, it could be due to the position of your caravan.

In almost every air conditioning system, gases play an important role in the system’s proper functioning. If your caravan is placed on a slope, the gases won’t be evenly divided in the container. Hence you won’t get a luxurious experience if the ground under your caravan is uneven.

So, if you plan holidays in extreme summers, then carrying levelling ramps will be a lifesaver for you.

Improve Your Caravan Fridge Freezer Performance

As air conditioning systems, appliances that require gases for functioning, like water heaters and fridges, work better on even surfaces. You won’t have to worry about finding an even surface if you have levelling ramps with you.

Improve Your Caravan Drainage

Yes, you wouldn’t have guessed this one. It’s simple science; drainage systems are designed for adequately levelled surfaces. If your caravan is not placed entirely horizontally, you will see that water won’t drain properly.

Improve Your Caravan Comfort

Would you like to sleep hanging to a cliff? Well, including you, no average person would like that. When we are out on holiday, we can’t enjoy anything if we haven’t slept well.

So, carry levelling ramps with you to get the most out of the caravanning trips. Having levelling ramps will allow you to sleep peacefully at night without having nightmares of falling.

What Caravan Levelling Ramps Are Best?

If you are new to caravanning culture or if you are buying levelling ramps for the first time, then you might be unaware of the fact that there are two types of levelling ramps on the market.

You should be very careful while buying the levelling ramps because one wrong move can cause a lot of trouble.

Levelling ramps are divided into two types based on the axle of vehicles. If you own a dual axle caravan, buying a regular single axle ramp won’t benefit you and vice versa.

In the process of levelling, you will need to have some supportive equipment. Here is the equipment that you will need:

Caravan Chocks

Caravan Chocks

Inserting chock ensures maximum protection. Never forget to insert the chock after you are completely satisfied with the positioning of the levelling ramps. Insertion of chock locks the caravan and keeps it static.

The best practice is to buy levelling ramps and chock of the same manufacturer for maximum compatibility. On a good day, buying a deal of levelling ramps and chocks can save you a considerable amount of money.

When you hang a clock on the wall, sometimes it looks at level, but it isn’t. The same is the case with levelling of caravans. They look horizontal from one angle but not that lined from another. So, what to do in this case?

Purchase electronic levelling indicator along with the levelling ramps and chock. As the name states, it will indicate when your caravan is at the level. Most of the electronic levelling indicators blink and beep once your caravan is levelled.

You can also buy other equipment like caravan stabilizer pads and jockey wheels for additional protection and comfort.


If I have to say one line about caravanning, I will say that it’s unpredictable. From the weather you will get to the camping spot you will get, nothing is foreseeable. Smart are those who assume and get ready for the worst situations.

Things that look not-very-necessary play an important role in your overall caravanning experience. One of these things is levelling ramps. You have no idea how terrible it feels to sleep on an unlevelled bed.

The drawbacks of not perfectly levelled parking don’t stop there. Your drainage won’t function properly, gases in your fridge and air conditioner won’t play their role. Things will fall and what not. You can avoid all this by simply placing levelling ramps under the tires of your caravan.

There are some things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a set of levelling ramps. The most important thing to consider is that you buy levelling ramps according to the axle of your caravan.

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