How Much Are Caravan Awnings?

Holidaying in a caravan can be a very adventurous and exciting experience. If you are looking for ideas to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, awnings are a great way to add more space to your caravan.

A part of the pitch next to the unit comes under the awning cover and you can use the additional space for many purposes.

If you are considering whether it would be a good idea to get an awning for your caravan before your next trip and how much it will cost you, here are some useful insights to help you make an informed choice.

Why Do I Need an Awning for My Caravan

Why Do I Need an Awning for My Caravan

Be it any kind of travel condition; awnings are suitable for all. The foremost benefit is the added space you get. Secondly, an awning can protect the caravan from rain and harsh weather conditions. It can provide shelter and protect your equipment.

You can also enjoy more privacy by adding the awning, which provides walls or screens to the caravan from a side. Hence you can set your living space comfortably according to your requirement.

The good thing about awnings is that they are easy to install, and one person can do it without assistance. It takes hardly five minutes, so you can quickly set up the awning even if you have a short stopover.

Now that we have established the benefits of having a caravan, the next step is to learn what options you have in this regard and how much they would cost you. Let’s have a look.

Types of Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings have three basic types; you have canopy awnings, porch awnings or universal awnings, and full awnings, but these basic types have multiple variations. When picking an awning, in addition to the type, you must also consider the fabric type, the kinds of poles, and a groundsheet if required.

Full awnings are normally twice the size of the living area of the caravan and are great if you need more space or cover, possibly due to the weather.

They cover one side of the caravan and are fitted along the awning rail’s entire length, from one side of the ground to the other.

These types of awnings are usually sized to fit the caravan according to its model.

Next, we have the porch or universal awnings. These connect along most of the top flat part of the awning rail and cover most of the caravan’s side. You can easily switch these awnings from one caravan to the other, as these are universal.

Porch awnings come in different sizes. For instance, a small-sized porch awning would cover the entrance to the caravan and hardly anything else.

Finally, the canopy or cassette awnings are the type that can be permanently or temporarily fixed to the caravan’s side.

You can expand the permanent canopy awnings like a roller blind and use a couple of poles that can be folded down to serve as legs and keep the awning stable. You can also fit fabric walls to the awning walls to enclose the space below them.

While you will need to consider the type of awning according to your caravan and your needs, unless you have an unusual kind of caravan, like a folding caravan or a pop-top, you can opt for awnings that are suitable for all types.

If you have a unique kind of caravan, you may need to get a custom-made awning.

How much will the awning cost me?

How much will the awning cost me

The awning cost will vary according to the type, size, and fabric used. For instance, a high-end airtight inflatable awning canopy with a size of 13 by 8ft will cost you around £850. On the other hand, a standard-sized polyester cassette awning will cost much less, around £175.

A porch awning may cost you roughly around £130 to £140; however, the prices may vary according to the size and material used.

Another noteworthy point is that if you want to add a permanent canopy to the caravan, it is a specialist’s job. You will need to discuss it with your caravan dealer and also consider the installation cost in that case.

When you have an awning in your caravan, place it over the axle and ensure that it does not move forward or backward, even if you stop suddenly.

When you want to erect the awning where the ground is muddy, put a plastic or groundsheet before you begin. It will keep the awning fabric from getting muddy.

A few care measures can help protect your awnings from wear and tear, and you can enjoy using them for a long time.

Do all caravan awnings fit all caravans?

Universal awnings can fit all types of caravans, and unless you have a unique design like a folding caravan, you can consider them for use.

Is a caravan awning worth it?

Awnings are a great way to add more space to your caravan when you stay at a certain place, whether for a short or a long time. They also help you protect the caravan elements from rain or sun, and you can enjoy the outdoors while keeping safe from the weather.

How long do caravan awnings last?

The life of a caravan awning depends on its frequency of use and exposure. However, even a low-price polyester awning can last for a good four to six years if you use it for a month or so every year.

Once the awning material becomes brittle or splits, you will know it’s time to bring a new one.

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