How to Customise And Personalise Your Caravan Exterior

There is something about a caravan that exudes liberty and independence. After all, it gives you the freedom to drive anywhere you want, and it would not be wrong to consider it an extension of our personality.

Therefore, while our homes reflect our character and personal touch, why can’t we do the same for our small house on wheels?

If you have recently purchased a caravan or have had one for a while and considering changing it, so it looks more the part, this article is for you. With the growing number of caravan owners, there is an increasing trend of people changing how their caravan looks, so it represents them.

While many people focus on revamping the interior, there is also no shortage of people who want their exterior customised as well. If you also want the same, you are not alone. Read on for a few ideas to customise and personalise your caravan’s exterior.

Getting a Customised Caravan

Getting a Customised Caravan

This suggestion is applicable if you have not purchased a caravan yet and are in the process of doing market research. In such an instance, you can get a customised caravan from the get-go.

Many caravan manufacturers offer their customers the option of a caravan builder, whereby they can select options related to various caravan aspects and put their stamp on it. From the inner layout to the exterior colour and designs, the choice lies with the customer. Once you have selected the design elements, you can discuss them with the dealer for execution.

Choosing Paint for the Caravan Exterior

For the design process to achieve customisation, the first consideration is the colour of the caravan. If you want to make a statement with your caravan’s exterior or choose a look that reflects your style, you must choose a colour that speaks for itself. You can also combine two or more colours to make a unique design or pattern.

When it comes to picking the colour, it is important that you get the colour right; to achieve that, you can sample a few colours. You may want to see how they change under different lights throughout the course of the day before you decide on a colour.

Now for the paint job, you can either hire a painter to do the work for you or go the DIY route to save the expense. However, if you want to paint the exterior yourself, make sure to do your prep work.

This includes thoroughly cleaning the exterior, preparing the surface by sanding the rough areas, and priming the surface. Once you are done with the paint, and it is completely dry, add a clear coat over the paint to make it last longer.

Vinyl Wraps or Decals for the Caravan

Vinyl Wraps or Decals for the Caravan

If simple paint is too basic for you and you want to add a design that is a true representation of your personality and makes your caravan stand out among the rest, vinyl wraps are a great idea.

Wraps are an additional vinyl-type coating on the exterior that can completely transform the look of the exterior. The concept is comparatively new for leisure vehicles as previously commercial vehicles mostly opted for these wraps to promote their brand and business.

If you want a vinyl wrap for your caravan, you can either opt for an all-over fitting or get only a few parts covered. Similarly, if you are vying for a more personal look, consider using a few bespoke decals.

Vinyl wraps are a great idea if you want to radically change the caravan’s look on the outside. The good thing is that caravan wraps are now easily available and come in many different colours and styles. However, if you have a particular look in mind, you can also get a custom wrap.

Vinyl wraps are quick to apply and can also be removed easily. Be it any design, like a hi-tech futuristic look or a vintage floral pattern, anything is possible with a custom wrap.

One added benefit of vinyl wraps is that they protect the caravan’s paint and save it from damage caused during the journey when the caravan is being towed, such as stone chips.

Hence you will not need to repaint your caravan that soon. If you are bored with a particular design and want a different look, you can easily remove the existing fitting and use a different one or keep the exterior in its original form.

Can I Design My Own Caravan?

Many caravan manufacturing companies offer customers the option to design their own caravan through a step-by-step process, whereby the customers can design a custom caravan by choosing their preferred model, design, interior layout, exterior paint colour, etc.

How Can I Make the Outside of My Caravan Look Nice?

If your caravan looks old and worn out, you can refresh its outlook through a fresh paint job in a colour of your choice or get a custom vinyl wrap fitting. It will improve the look of your caravan’s exterior and make it look nice.

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