How to find free motorhome parking in Finland

Most travellers consider Helsinki when it comes to tourism in Finland. However, the country has so many beautiful landscapes that travelling with your motorhome across the country can be a wonderful experience.

The world’s happiest country is beautiful and has so much to offer to motorhome travellers; the top of our list, including the northern lights and the lush greenery, that it has become one of the top destinations for those planning a trip through Europe.

Wherever you travel in the country, you will need to find places to park your motorhome so you can rest or explore the area for a few days. While there are numerous options in this regard, the situation can become a little challenging if you are looking for free parking spots.

If travelling on a contained budget, these options can be very useful. We have offered a few helpful recommendations to help you enjoy a comfortable and safe trip via your motorhome in Finland.

Free motorhome parking in Finland

Free motorhome parking in Finland

The right of public access, known as Jokamiehen Oikeudet in Finland, allows everyone to move and stay freely, including an overnight stay in nature or the wilderness. That, however, implies compliance with a few rules. For instance, wild camping is only allowed on uncultivated land, and if you camp, you must follow the general rules for wild camping in Finland.

Moreover, you cannot camp in nature reserves or beaches where it is prohibited. However, while you cannot camp in these areas, you may be allowed to park your vehicle provided you do not perform any activity that can be categorised as camping.

For instance, you cannot put out chairs, tables, clothing lines, awnings, etc. You can park in these areas and be on the move when you are ready.  Apart from a few limitations, Finland offers you the freedom to explore nature and wander without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Free motorhome overnight parking in Finland

Finland has a multitude of options when it comes to motorhome parking. There are many overnight parking spots, some of which are free while others charge a small fee.

These sites offer access to electricity, and a fee is charged for the electricity services. You may find waste disposal facilities and water tank refilling. However, if your motorhome is self-contained, you can stay at these sites, despite limited facilities.

These sites are for short-term parking only, so if you are looking for overnight parking, you can do it for a night or so. If you are on the road, you can recognise these overnight stops with the symbol P (Travel Park).

If you are looking for a camping site, you need to look for a green signal which indicates a general campsite. You can find a wide array of sites on Campercontact and park4night.

You can also park at public parking places and picnic sites, but you cannot camp. In some instances, you may even be able to park on private property as long as the owner gives consent. However, stay away from the cultivated land or yard areas, and do not light up a fire without talking to the land owner first.

Camping in Finland

Camping in Finland

Almost two-thirds of Finland is covered in forests. So wherever you go, you can find places to camp. The country has around 40 national parks, most of which have campsites, while many features places where you can free camp.

Most of these places may be found near wilderness huts in the parks called Autiotupa. However, before you opt for a place, do your research to ensure that the park allows free camping. Otherwise, you will need to stay at a designated camping site.

The thing about motorhomes is you do not need to rely on tents for camping, but you may not be able to reach remote places. While most parks do not have access via a public road, you can park at the closest spot to get to the park and spend the night there.

It is important to note that parking outside a campsite means you will have no access to even the basic facilities like toilet, waste disposal or water, so you can only stay there as long as your motorhome is self-sufficient and you are well equipped in terms of the facilities offered.

Can I free camp in Finland?

Free or wild camping is allowed in Finland via the Jokamiehen Oikeudet, i.e., the right of public access. The law allows individuals to move, stay in nature, and spend a night. However, camping is not allowed along the beaches or nature reserves. In any case, unless it is prohibited explicitly, you can park your vehicle there for a night and be on the move at the earliest.

Where can I find free overnight motorhome stopovers in Finland?

Finland has many options for overnight parking, and quite a few are free. You can find these sites on Campercontact or park4night.

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