How to find free motorhome parking in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an ideal destination if you are looking for a relaxing trip in your motorhome. The country has plenty of camping stops in the country but has stringent rules when it comes to free camping.

Whether you plan a short or a long trip, you will find plenty of options along the way, where you can park your motorhome and enjoy the beaches and the woods, and the good news is you will find plenty of free options. Continue reading this if you want free parking options for your motorhome in the Netherlands, whether for a night or a few days.

Overnight motorhome parking in the Netherlands

Overnight motorhome parking in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is generally a motorhome-friendly country, and the locals welcome and accommodate motorhome travellers. The country has numerous overnight stopovers or aires where you can stay for a very little price or even free. You can find more information at sites like park4night, CamperContact, and the iOverlander App.

If you want to park during the day, you will find various options outside the cities. However, if you need to park near a tourist attraction or a display, you may need to pay. You must at all times be vigilant and take care to park in allowed spots and avoid parking on prohibited sites, particularly curbs that have been painted black, yellow, or white.

Besides the approved motorhome stopovers and aires, you can also park overnight at free approved overnight parking stops or motorhome campsites. Wild camping is not tolerated in the Netherlands. In some places, you may get away with merely parking your motorhome and not exceeding the vehicle’s limits, i.e., putting out tables, chairs, or awnings.

It would imply that even if the authorities enquire, you can merely state that you were parking for a while and are about to move.

Free camper stops in the Netherlands

As suggested earlier wild camping is not tolerated in the Netherlands, and most campsites offer services for a price. However, it does not mean you cannot find free camper stops in the country. Here are a few suggestions.

VV Drachten

There is a free camper stop next to the football field, VV Drachten. The town is in the northern Netherlands in the municipality of Smallingerland, Friesland. The place is ideal for a laid-back vacation, where you can take walks or bike around. You can also go boating in Alde Feanen, the national park. You can park here for a maximum of three nights.


If you are cruising through the western Netherlands, check out the camper stop Dordrecht in the city with the same name. It is a historic city with harbours and various historic locations, and the camper stop is ideal if you want to explore the town, as it is only a short walking distance from the town centre.

Parking is free for the first 24 hours only, after which you will be charged €1 per for 4 hours.

Harmelen, the H2O Recreation Centre

Another great recommendation is Harmelen, a town in the province of Utrecht in the municipality of Woerden. The parking area at the H2O Recreation Centre in the town has three pitches, and the parking duration is limited to 72 hours.

You can spend the night by the pool and explore the Castle de Haar in the daytime, a beautiful building of medieval times.


Hansweert is a small but beautiful village in the southwestern part of the Netherlands in the province of Zealand. The camper stop in the village offers splendid views of Westerscheld, the inlet of River Scheldt. There are various cycling and walking routes from where you can explore the beautiful landscape.


Duiven, in the province of Gelderland, is in the eastern Netherlands. The camper stop is located in the town centre, with the Dutch Open Air Museum near the site.


Emmen is another charming town in the Drenthe province. Motorhome parking is available behind a hotel with the Emmen Zoo nearby. There are nine parking pitches at the site, and you can park here for three nights.

Can I do free camping in the Netherlands

Can I do free camping in the Netherlands?

Wild or free camping is strictly forbidden in the Netherlands. You are also not allowed to camp on private property. If you violate the regulation, you may be charged a hefty fine.

Can I park my motorhome in a layby in the Netherlands?

While there are no specific laws prohibiting parking in laybys, you must ensure that there isn’t a No Parking sign in the area. You must also not indulge in activities that can be considered camping, for instance, putting up a tent or camping chairs, hanging a washing line, or doing a barbecue.

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