How To Improve Caravan Beds

If your caravan is a bit basic and you’ve got the energy to make the trip, not only will it put a smile on your face, but also give you an appreciation for how much luxury you have at home. Imagine that you can sit in the comfort of your bed and look out over the beautiful scenery. It’ll make any journey easier to enjoy, especially if it’s a long one where you need somewhere comfy to rest.

There are 4-5 simple steps that can be taken to improve things in good time. In my case, I had the old style of mattress and used to put a duvet on top for comfort and padding rather than using the base as it was so hard, and this helped enormously.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, there are two types of caravan beds. The old style was quite thin and had metal coils within the base, making it uncomfortable to sleep on. A type has now replaced this with foam padding between each frame which is much more comfortable but still needs improving slightly, in my opinion!

How To Improve Your Caravan Bed

How To Improve Your Caravan Bed

1) The first step is to remove/dispose of the existing mattress. If you bought your caravan second hand, then it may be that whoever owned it before hadn’t got round to doing this or just couldn’t be bothered. Remember that the old one should have been removed when you bought it. It doesn’t matter how much of a mission it seems to remove the old thing as the new one is going in there, and you’ll be very pleased with yourself afterward.

2) If you choose to put an inner mattress into your caravan, the second step is to measure the gap within which you have to work. This will depend on how tall you are and what level of comfort is required. If you want 2″ of foam (or less) for comfort (plus duvet), then you can fit it in very easily as most caravans only have 2″ in height to play with. If you want more than this, the only option is to remove the second bed and put it in storage/sell it.

3) When buying an inner mattress for your caravan, ensure that you buy something that is at least 1″ less in height than the existing (caravan) base (to allow for the minimum thickness of whatever is used to pad up the base). A 2″ memory foam mattress will do nicely in most cases.

4) If you want extra comfort (beyond what an inner mattress provides), then purchase a topper or mattress protector (thin layer), or use your duvet inside the caravan instead of on top of the mattress. If you use a topper, this will also provide extra padding and can be used beneath your sheets so that it doesn’t move/slide around.

5) Buy good quality fitted sheets inside the caravan (not cheap cotton ones that stretch). They should go right over one side of the mattress with enough spare at the bottom to tuck around the mattress base. Use a duvet cover and pillowcases for comfort.

6) The final step is to get fresh bedding/bed linen/duvets for your home. This will ensure that you always have a good comfort level in one room when you return from your caravan holiday. It also means that you don’t have to get caravan bedding wet when it is time to return home.

7) If you plan on staying in your caravan for longer periods, then think about purchasing a proper mattress protector. This means that the inside of the mattress doesn’t get stained with sweat caused by differing temperatures at night-time. A protector will also stop the sheet from slipping off at night and keep you nice and warm.

8) Don’t forget to look after yourself by making sure that your caravan mattress is dry before you put your new bedding on top of it or apply any protector so as not to cause damage. If it isn’t, then take time to allow it to dry (overnight or by placing it in the sun) or consider purchasing a new mattress.

9) If you want to ensure that your mattress has been in top condition for years, then think about purchasing a cover (also known as a protector). This will reduce the amount of wear and tear it receives and mean that it lasts longer, or at least until you get fed up with it. In addition, this stops the person who gets to use it next from being annoyed with you for not making sure that it was in good condition.

The best way to ensure a dry mattress is to buy a protector and a replacement if necessary. This means that you won’t have moisture on or around your caravan mattress, which can cause permanent damage unless removed quickly. You can purchase mattress protectors from shops which stock caravan accessories or bedding.

With these steps taken into consideration, you should achieve overall more comfort on your next caravan adventure. For further protection, here are some more suggestions that will improve your comfort:

Caravan Bedroom Carpet

If you think your bed is too exposed to outside conditions, perhaps try carpet. It’ll help stop mud from getting everywhere and insulate the surface better with its thickness. Also, if it’s not wet or dirty, there will be less problem vacuuming, which is always a bonus.

Waterproof Linings: What about those occasions where you need to park up near water or other wet areas? If your flooring isn’t protected, then it’s going to get ruined. Try using an outdoor carpet with a waterproof lining for extra protection, and remember that cleaning is just as vital as protecting!

Caravan Bedroom Carpet

Caravan Mattress Topper

If you want your bed to feel softer, then a caravan topper may be for you. There’s plenty of options online and in shops for standard mattresses but you may need to shop around a little for caravan specific mattresses.


If you’ve made it this far into the article, then congratulations on taking steps towards improving your caravan sleeping arrangements. However, for those looking to buy their first caravans, don’t forget that buying good quality bedding is also important if you want a good night’s sleep when you go camping.

Good luck and enjoy your caravan holidays!

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