How To Off Grid Homeschool In A Caravan

No matter how advanced a caravan you choose, your life will change when you’re living in a caravan. You’ll be able to feel a huge difference if you’ve to homeschool your kids in a caravan. Even if you were already doing this at home, the scenario would change a lot if a caravan is your permanent living space. It’s tough; with a bit of creativity and some extra effort, you can do this. So, wondering how to homeschool in a caravan?

First of all, you should create a learning environment for your kids in a caravan. You can do this by modifying the interior of your caravan in a way that can motivate your kids to study. Then, think of the fun learning activities that will help your kids learn without getting bored.

In this post, we have covered some excellent activities and ideas for making room to homeschool in a caravan.

How To Make Room For Homeschooling In A Caravan

To begin homeschooling in a caravan, you will first have to make a space. Here are some ideas to help you with this:

Pull Out Unused Caravan Furniture

If you’re not using some furniture in your caravan, then it’s better to pull it out of your caravan. It’s there just consuming space that you can use for placing homeschool items.

Use Your Caravan Couch

When you’re just starting homeschooling your kids in a caravan, you can start with your couch too. Though it doesn’t seem like a perfect school space, in the beginning, your primary goal should be your kid’s comfort. You shouldn’t let them feel that they are studying on their vacation too.

Use Your Caravan Table

Once your kids have started loving being taught in the caravan, you can consider creating a dedicated school space for them. For this purpose, you can use your caravan table, bring a chair, and decorate the table with study-related stuff. These include your kid’s favorite books or some mind games too that can help your kids learn.

Top Activities For Homeschooling In A Caravan

Top Activities For Homeschooling In A Caravan

When you’re on the road, you can expect your kids to sit down and study the books to learn something. At a beautiful destination, it’s pretty apparent that they will be more interested in the surroundings than their books. So, to not compromise on their education, you should teach them some fun activities.

Here are some ideas that you can choose for homeschooling your kids in a caravan:

Record Populations
Ask your kids to remember the population of every town or country you visit. They can get this information from the ‘Welcome’ sign at the city’s entrance or Wikipedia. Once they have collected population records of many places, you can ask them questions related to addition, subtraction, division, or others. Here are some examples of the questions you can ask:

Which place has the smallest and largest population?
If all the places are joined, what will be the collective population?
Looking at the town’s population, how many houses do you think might be there in the town?

Take a measuring tape or a rope of one meter in length. Use it to measure the items in your caravan of a meter, less than a meter, or more than a meter long. You can also ask your kids to measure different things at the campsite, so they can learn how to measure accurately.

Ask your kids to note down the time for different things. This can include the time for packing, unpacking, washing dishes, and tidying your caravan. After each task, ask them how much time did you take. This activity will help them learn how to check the time and calculate the time difference before and after.

Data And Statistics
Assign your kids a topic and ask them to collect data about that, and prepare a graph in the end. Some of the topic examples include:

The various animal species they see during the vacation
Different flower varieties they came across
No. of times a meal was prepared during the vacation period
Hours spent traveling in a day
The number of people they met each day

This activity will help them improve their observation skills, data computing and representation, and analyzing while drawing graphs. Leave it up to them the type of graph they want to prepare, i.e., bar, column, line, etc.

Being on a caravan vacation when visiting different places is the best time to help your kid excel in history or geography. When they visit different towns, it’s easy for them to remember different things than cramming the books for hours.

To make your kids better in history or geography, make a list of the questions to research about every town you visit. Tell these questions to your kids and ask them to find the answers through the internet, ask the locals, visit the local library (if any), or visit a town museum. This activity will improve the research skills of your kids considerably.

Off Grid Homeschooling In A Caravan


Homeschooling your kids in a caravan can be challenging but not impossible. You can do this if you choose the right strategies. In this post, we have covered all about how to homeschool in a caravan.

A caravan is for vacation, not for schooling. Therefore, the process of homeschooling begins with creating the space for the school. For this purpose, you can use your caravan table or couch. But, first, you should remove the unused furniture from your caravan.

The next thing is to find some fun activates that will help your kids learn without getting bored. These activities can be related to counting, measurement, time, history, geography, or data and graphing. All these activities help your kids to learn different things and help improve their observation and research skills.

While choosing any activity, you must consider the interest of your kids. Similarly, closely observe when your kids are doing some activities. If they are not enjoying it, you should look for new ideas to keep them engaged.

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