How To Pay Norway Tolls As A Foreign Vehicle

Whether you drive a foreign vehicle in Norway or a domestic vehicle, or you are a resident or a foreign visitor, it is mandatory to pay taxes.

If it is your first time driving on the roads in Norway, you may have a few questions regarding the payment of tolls, particularly when you are not in the system and familiar with the procedure.

Continue reading as we walk you through the process of paying tolls in Norway as a foreign vehicle.

Register A Foreign Vehicle For Norway Tolls

 In order to be charged the toll tax amount, you must register your vehicle. Before May 2021, all foreign registered vehicles not having a valid toll tag were invoiced for toll charges via a system run by the Euro Parking Collection plc.

As of 1st May 2021, all foreign registered vehicles are invoiced by Epass24. There is also another option besides Epass24. We have discussed both below.

Here are your two payment options.

  • You can register with Epass24 to make payment via credit card or invoice to get your vehicle’s accurate toll rate. Epass24 is specifically intended to charge road tolls to foreign vehicles. Local Norwegian vehicles are invoiced by the local toll operators only.
  • You can register with an authorised toll service provider listed at AutoPASS

It is important to note that you cannot get a toll tag for a private vehicle at the Norwegian border. This facility is only extended to commercial or heavy goods vehicles that weigh above 3500kg.

Register A Foreign Vehicle For Norway Tolls

Epass24 In Norway

As a foreign vehicle owner or driver, you must register with Epass24 to ensure the accurate toll rate is invoiced. The toll rate charged to you will be according to the Euro Class and vehicle type. 

If you are considering whether it would be convenient to forego the registration process, we suggest otherwise. If you do not register your vehicle, you will be charged a higher rate.

On the other hand, when you register with Epass24, you will have ready access to the toll charge details, invoices, and relevant images. In addition, you can also benefit from the facility of making automated payments. 

Moreover, if you have taken a foreign vehicle on rent or lease, you must register for Epass24 for the duration of your arrangement. Otherwise, the invoice for the toll will be charged to the rental company.

So, if you do not register, the leasing or rental company will charge you the cost and add the payment made as administration fees to compensate for the cost of paying toll on your behalf based on the invoice sent to them. 

Registration with Epass24 and making an account are free, so you only need to pay for the toll charges. Whether it is your own vehicle, rented or leased, you can register at Epass24.

The information you provide at the time of registration will be used to send you the invoice. You can pay for the invoice online via your credit or debit card or in a local bank. If you need assistance, customer service at epass24 customer support department will be readily available to cater to your concerns.

Norway Toll Service Providers

As mentioned earlier, if your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonnes, you must get a user agreement and use a toll tag. You can register with an authorised toll tag service provider listed at AutoPASS. 

When a transaction is generated with a toll tag under a user agreement, you can benefit from the toll rate discount. The discount is sometimes as much as 20%. You can find more details about rates on the toll chargers’ site.

As long as the agreement is valid, you will be responsible for making toll payments even if someone else is using the vehicle. Hence, if you sell your vehicle, terminate your user agreement and remove the toll tag from it before handing it over to the buyer.

How Tolls Work In Norway

How Tolls Work In Norway

The toll stations in Norway are automated and are equipped with a camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) through which toll tags and vehicle registration numbers are accounted for. So, to get the correct toll charge, you must register your vehicle. 

The NPRA (Norwegian Public Roads Administration) calculates the road toll for the registered vehicle number via the camera to read the toll tag when you pass the automated toll station. Therefore, you will need to provide your vehicle’s fuel type and Euro class to account for environmental price variation when calculating your toll. 

When you register, your environmental data is forwarded to the NPRA, so correct toll rates are charged. So, when you provide accurate environmental data, you will be charged accordingly.

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