How To Start A Caravan Site

When it comes to caravanning, some caravanners are so invested that life seems boring without this adventure. Are you one of them?

Then, at some point, while caravanning, you must have or will think of starting a caravan site. But not sure how to start a caravan site?

Well, the process of starting a caravan site isn’t as technical or complicated as it first seems. Of course, you’ll have to fulfill some legal requirements such as acquiring a site license, planning permission, etc. But, with the right strategy, the process is quite simple.

With a good plan before starting, which will include budgeting, market research, insurance, etc., you can take your caravan site to another level.

Making informed decisions is always better than making mistakes and regretting them. So, here we have a comprehensive guide for you on how to start a caravan site.

Start A Caravan Site

How To Start A Caravan Site

Before you start a caravan site, you can get help from those in the field. People who are experienced in running their caravan sites for years will surely give you some valuable information. Here are some of the most essential requirements to start and successfully operate a caravan site:

Caravan Site Planning Permission

Before you move on to the other things, you must first confirm if you need planning permission or not. Usually, you’ll not need planning permission if you have:

Level land of at least ½ acre (if you plan to have up to five pitches)
Safe access to caravans/motorhomes

However, you’ll need planning permission if you’re planning to build something on your land or want more than five pitches. You should contact your local planning authority to discuss the engineering work you’re planning. After analyzing all the factors, they will let you know if planning permission will be required.

Caravan Site License

When starting a caravan site, you’ll need a license for your site and the caravans too. For licensing your caravan site, you must know the 28-day rule. According to that, you don’t need a license for a caravan site if you’re using it for less than 28 days a year. In case of any exception, you must ask an authority before starting a caravan site.

Caravan Site Market Research

Market research is a crucial step if you want to make your caravan site a success. Visit the competitors’ caravan sites in your area, and see what they are offering. Carefully observe and note the things that are attracting visitors to those sites. Then make a list of the things those sites are not showing, and you can add to your caravan site.

Innovative things play a crucial role in flourishing any business. It will also help you avoid the additional facilities or services that people don’t like.


After you’re done with the market research, the next thing you should consider is budgeting. Make budget plans and see how much you can spend on your site. Making a budget plan before you start building your site is essential as it will save you from any financial issues mid-way your caravan site construction.

Caravan Business Insurance

To cover some amount of the losses, insurance is a must to start a caravan site. You must take into account that starting a caravan site is a significant expense. You may have a budget for the accidental costs, and insurance can help you reduce the financial burden to a great extent.

While considering the insurance, you must ensure public liability and employers’ liability insurance. The former will cover claims made by public members, and the latter will cover claims of the staff for illness and injury.

Toilet & Shower Facility

Most of the caravan sites provide toilet and shower facilities to visitors. It helps them attract more guests as people prefer sites with these facilities. It also helps to improve the overall reputation of your caravan site and promotes longer stays. This results in more revenue that you can use to expand or enhance your caravan site.

Requirements To Start A Caravan Site

Other Requirements To Start A Caravan Site

In addition to the things listed above, here are some requirements that you should consider while starting a caravan site:

Safe drinking water and waste water disposal point. Bins should be covered and should be easily accessible at your site.
The roads and the entrance should be at least 12 ft wide to accept the big-sized vehicles too.
There must be a secured emptying point for chemical waste to allow motorhomes and touring caravans at your site.

Are There Any Exemptions From Site License?

If you don’t want to have a caravan site license, you can enjoy an exemption. For this, you’ll have to join an “exempt organization.” Many recreational clubs are approved to give an exemption certificate to the caravan site owners. These include Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) and Camping and Caravanning Club (C&CC).

Before you get a certificate from these organizations, be ready for a detailed inspection of your site.

What Coronavirus Measures Should You Be Taking While Starting A Caravan Site?

Following is a list of all the priority actions regarding COVID-19 that you consider to start your caravan site:

Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment
Ask the visitors to wear masks
Make sure everyone is social distancing
Ensure handwashing or sanitizing
Encourage contactless payments
Closely observe everyone to identify anyone with coronavirus symptoms


If you’re planning to start a caravan site, the first thing that will come to your mind is how to start a caravan site? It may seem a daunting task, but planning and the right strategy make it quite simple.

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider. These include insurance, budgeting, market research, planning permission, toilet and shower facility, and a site license. In addition to this, some additional requirements can help your site be popular quickly.

If you want to save yourself from the process of acquiring a site license, you can do this by joining a site license exemption organization. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the COVID-19 measures being taken on your site.

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