What Is A Static Caravan? Your Questions Answered

So you’re looking into caravan ownership and debating whether to go mobile or stay static, but what is a static caravan?

A static caravan is a type of caravan that is premade in another area and is usually just transported over to the site it will most likely be spending the rest of its days.

They are called by many different names throughout the industry and the area you live in. Words like holiday homes, mobile home, park home, holiday lodges, RVs, etc, are bound to pop up in your search engine when looking for more information on static caravans.

Why Is There An Increase In Popularity For Static Caravans?

Caravans have been in use since the 1800s, in of course a totally different style of living than that of the modern 21st century. They have many favourable aspects over traditional homes and some not so favourable aspects as well.

We will dive further into what static caravans are, and hopefully, understand more about these seemingly awesome pieces of real estate/vehicles?

What Is A Static Caravan? Is There A Difference Between A Holiday Home And A Holiday Lodge?

Further sub classifications of static caravans may confuse you even more than you already are. Keep on reading to gain knowledge and let go of the confusion.

In the UK, the prime difference between a holiday home and a holiday lodge, is that of size and price.

The holiday home version of static caravans is about half the width of a lodge (which is up to 14ft) with varying lengths.

The holiday lodges, on the other hand, are almost double the width of a holiday home (up to 22ft). Lodges are ideal for larger families and staying away from home for a longer period of time.

Some lodges are built for all year round living, which means they provide better insulation and protection against the elements of nature.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Static Caravan?

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Static Caravan?

Well, first off, they are quite luxurious and modern now. Of course, the price tag only gets higher as the desirability and facilities of any product increases.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

• On most sites you can rent your static caravan for some extra cash when you are not using it. This cash can serve as an additional income to possibly even spend on your caravan maintenance.

• Maintenance costs reduce drastically when you move from a big home to a static caravan.

• Cleaning becomes less of a chore, usually because the area to clean gets cut down significantly.

• If you plan on making your static caravan a holiday home, it will save you money and save you the effort of hunting hotels or motels.

• Static caravans usually come fully equipped with the necessities of life, access to water, gas, and electricity is almost always a given.

• Any other amenities you might need, can be added on later by your caravan provider, if they facilitate such things. Think along the lines of central heating, dishwasher, washing machine… some caravans include these from the get go.

• Depending upon the residential park or park site, it is one of the biggest advantages of living in a caravan – the view. You can simply move your home to an appropriate location and enjoy mother nature right in your front yard.

However, moving static caravans can be quite difficult and costly depending on where you want to move it to.

How Are Static Caravans Constructed?

Static caravans are built upon a durable chassis, galvanised or coated to resist corrosion and weather conditions. Bungalow styled park homes are nearly indistinguishable from traditional homes.

How Are Static Caravans Constructed?

Can I Live In A Static Caravan For Good?

Yes. In some cases you can live in a caravan. You have to make sure you make the right choice if you are to leave your permanent residence and move to a caravan.

The location you decide to live on MUST be a permanent residency site for caravans. Not all trailer parks are made for year round living. Some holiday parks tend to close down in the winter season, because some caravans are not the most coziest during this time of the year.

Keep in mind you do have to pay the rent of the plot of the land your park home is located in, and other bills like utilities and taxes.

Oh also, availability of public transport, and activities to do when you are bored are just as important.

Things such as proximity to shops, access to hospital and veterinarian if you have a pet are important things to be considered. Just like they would be when buying a regular home.

Location needs to be looked at in person, not just on websites. It can help determine various factors that brochures or websites simply cannot match.
Try and get to talk to people who already reside in the park you are wishing to move to.

If you are selling your regular home and embarking upon the static caravan adventure, it is best to get legal advice to work through everything as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

You absolutely have to be sure of your choice, unlike brick and mortar, caravans CANNOT be mortgaged, so be very clear on how you are going to finance this change, so to speak.

Is Static Caravan Right For Me?

No one can answer this question other than yourself.

Modern static caravans are built to be homes away from home, without the bankruptcy that accompanies buying a full-fledged brick and mortar home.

Static caravans appeal to different demographics for different reasons, they are unique to the buyer and their preferences and style.

For instance, families can use caravans as a weekend getaway without the hassle of bookings, tickets, the various issues that may arise with bookings. All you have to do is drive to your holiday home (or lodge) and find it waiting for you to have fun once again.

Retirees crave the sense of serenity and calm and reflection static caravans provide to them after a life full of exhausting, mind-numbing work.

You get to decide what is right for you. No one else.


Hopefully we’ve answered your question of what is a static caravan, but in summary a static caravan is a very modern self-contained holiday or residential home. Think ‘tiny house‘, although if you’ve ever lived in London on a budget you’ll probably be upsizing by moving into and living in a static caravan.

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