What Motorhome Can I Drive On My Car Licence?

Getting a driving licence is a big monument in anybody’s life. Taking a vehicle on the road is like driving into adulthood and independence. Most nations give out different types of vehicle licences to their residents. The most common form of driving licence that people possess is a car licence.

The motorhome is a vehicle that is like a moving house. You might have seen a motorhome on the roads or on popular pop media. This article is for you if you have just gotten your car licence and wish to drive a motorhome. Follow along to learn what motorhome you can drive on a car licence.

The Licence Category And The Motorhome

Your driving licence divides the vehicles that you can drive based on categories. Motorhomes in The UK and many other parts of the world fall under category B of the car licence. It means you can drive bulkier vehicles with a maximum gross weight of up to 3500kg.

Keep in mind that if you have a motorhome that exceeds the MAM requirements, the law does not permit you to drive a motorhome. In such cases, you would need to obtain a permit from the licensing body. To obtain a licence, you would need to put an application with the UK’s licensing authority or the country you reside in.

The Age Requirement For Driving A Motorhome

The Age Requirement For Driving A Motorhome

As per UK laws, even if you have a driving licence and a motorhome up to 3500 kg, you can’t drive a motorhome until you are 21. This law ensures that people are old enough to manage heavier vehicles such as motorhomes. Most accidents occur with amateur drivers and heavier vehicles.

Types of Motorhomes To Drive On The Car Licence

We have compiled a list of motorhomes you can drive in your car. You would not have to spend your precious time searching for vehicles for yourself. Take a look to consider the best fit for your driving needs and lifestyle.

1. Dethleffs Trend

The Dethleffs Trend is one of the oldest types of motorhomes that you can find. Originally launched in the 1930s, the motorhome is ideal for people who are just starting to use motorhomes. It weighs 3400kg, making it fit for the car licence. There are different models of the vehicle. You can easily find four to five berths per vehicle in Dethleffs Trend models.

This motorhome comes in a standard white colour, giving it a basic chic look. You can either buy a new Dethleffs Trend or can reach out to old ones. The price range of the Dethleffs Trend lies between £60,000-100,000.

2. HYMER Exsis

The HYMER Exsis lies on the weight threshold of the requirement of the car Licence. The motorhome weighs 3500 kg. Many users regard it as a luxury motorhome because of its space. The different versions of the HYMER Exsis can give you a standard four to five berths.

The extraordinary design of the bed and the garage make a great view for the people living in it. The HYMER Exsis does not take up a lot of fuel. It means fewer stops at the gas station for you. You can find the HYMER Exsis starting from £50,000.

3. Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES

The Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES is one of the most compact motorhomes on the market. Having an exact weight of 3500 kg, it allows you to drive it via a standard car Licence. Despite being a smaller motorhome, the Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES can easily accommodate a family of four people. There are 4 berths and a single washroom in this motorhome.

This model lets you enjoy all facilities like a garage, grill, air conditioner, and heather. The Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES was originally launched in 2009. It means you can buy it at an affordable price. The starting price for this motorhome is £20,000.

General Tips When Considering A Motorhome

General Tips When Considering A Motorhome

There are a few things you should ways consider before getting a morgue for your car licence.

  • The fuel average of the motorhome
  • The size of the motorhome
  • The Length and Width of the vehicle
  • The overall size of the motorhome


Many people are choosing to live in a motorhome. Exploring the world and living by driving a vehicle excite many people. The laws regarding motorhomes vary, and it is important to consider them before taking your motorhome out on the road. The information given in this article will help you navigate the requirements of a motorhome. The options regarding possible motorhomes you can buy will make things easier for you.

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