Which Caravan Brand Is Best? Your Ultimate Guide

Which Caravan Brand Is Best? If you’re looking at buying a caravan, you should conduct your research and see what each caravan manufacturer offers.

Research and Attend Shows

There are some fantastic caravan brands out there, so do some research online, attend a show to view the products in person, and meet the companies.

Coachmen – A Top Choice

According to trade press and user reviews, Coachmen is the leading manufacturer in terms of customer satisfaction. It has an excellent reputation for quality and offers a wide range of choices and value for money, gaining it a place as one of the most popular caravan brands available today.

Recognised Brands

The caravan industry has several popular and well-known manufacturers, and these companies offer buyers a variety of quality motorhomes and caravans to choose from. These well-known companies include Adria, Airstream, Bailey, Swift, Willerby, and many more.

The greatest caravan dealerships also deserve recognition because a happy ownership experience relies on a fantastic product backed by excellent sales and aftercare. It needs a sustained excellent performance across the new and pre-owned categories to be named the Best Caravan Manufacturer. That means years of creating high-quality, dependable, and enjoyable caravans.

Best Caravan Manufacturer

According to Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022, Coachman earns the top spot with an outstanding 89.6% rating. That easily exceeds the Gold Award criteria. Coachman is the brand to surpass if you want a lucrative and reliable tourer of any age, taking second place for new and first place for pre-owned caravans.

Swift comes in second place and receives a Gold Award, with an 85.5 percent score. That’s an increase of one spot from 2020. Bailey receives a Silver Award with 83.8 percent, down a few places from 2020. With 81.6 percent, the Erwin Hymer Group UK isn’t far behind. Other brands may perform well in both categories, but there aren’t enough completed surveys to appear in the headlines.

What Is The Most Luxurious Caravan In The United Kingdom?

Luxury in Caravans: Buccanneer

Buccaneer is the UK’s most opulent touring caravan range. This most sumptuous of caravans come with more standard features than any other brand and a class-leading design.

Choosing the Right Size Caravan

There are small family caravans, but to co-exist amicably on a lengthy trip, you should be looking at anything approximately 20-22ft long. If you’re you and your lover, you can shave a few inches off your height and settle for something between 18ft 6in and 21ft 6in.

Timing Your Purchase

When is the most advantageous time to purchase a caravan? The season around Christmas and New Year might be a great time to get a good deal. The dealers then aim to clear their inventory to make room for new arrivals in March, April, and May, which is when you should avoid buying used cars.

Caravan Lifespan and Factors to Consider

The majority of specialists think that a caravan’s practical lifespan is roughly 14 years, and this is for one that has been properly maintained.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Purchasing A Caravan?

5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Caravan

  • Think about it and then make a decision.
  • Examine your financial situation.
  • Select a layout.
  • Examine the utility connections.
  • Find out how much weight you can tow.

Swift vs. Sterling Caravans

As part of the Swift group, Sterling Caravans manufactures all of their caravans with quality and experience. The new models have the same fantastic designs that have made these caravans so popular.

Swift Caravans: A Reliable Choice

Swift Caravans are well-designed, high-quality vehicles ideal for relaxing family vacations. This company is one of the largest campervan manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Under the Swift and Swift names, Swift Group Limited produces several RV and caravan models. All of the caravans are equipped with current technology.

Why Are Caravans White?

The main reason for touring caravan exteriors being white is to keep the vehicle as cool as possible. When demand from caravan buyers isn’t apparent, the extra investment required to construct multiple colour caravans constitutes a risk. Because of its neutrality, white could also be a winner.

How Quickly Will The Value Of My Caravan Depreciate?

Caravan Depreciation and Usage

A static caravan’s depreciation rate is comparable to that of a car. This equates to around 15% per year, albeit this statistic is so grossly exaggerated that it is hardly worth mentioning.

What Happens to Caravans That are No Longer in Use?

It’s quite common to find static caravans 20 to 30 years old on farms, construction sites, or even in people’s backyards. Static caravans will always exist as long as they can be repaired and used. When a static caravan falls into disrepair, it can be torn down and sold for scrap.

Factors for Caravan Insurance

Having caravan insurance is not needed by law. However, 4,000 caravans are stolen each year, and there’s always the chance of damage, even if the trailer is parked in your driveway. The most prevalent sort of collision occurs during towing.

Negotiating Price and Winter Buying

Even if they sell the same RV, they compete and offer different discounts. Everything is open to discussion. If the dealer will not go on the price, persuade them to budge on another aspect of the transaction. If you don’t like haggling, bring a companion along.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Caravan In The Winter?

Yes, caravans are less expensive in the winter. The optimum time to purchase a motorhome is after the tourist season and during clearing periods, typically in the winter. When there is a supply surplus, customers have a wide range of models and brands to choose from.

Maximum Caravan Size

Caravans are most commonly found in sizes ranging from 3.3 meters (11 feet) to 7.3 meters (24 feet).

Choosing the Best Caravan: Brands and Ratings

The best caravan to buy depends on your needs and preferences. Some of the popular models are:

– Kokoda Battalion – a family-friendly caravan with a modern design and a spacious layout.
– Nova Pride Platinum – a luxury caravan with innovative features and a stylish interior.
– Australian Off-Road Odyssey – an off-road caravan with a robust build and a comfortable living area.
– New Age Oz Classic – a classic caravan with a spacious ensuite and a well-equipped kitchen.

According to Practical Caravan, Coachman is the best overall manufacturer (new and pre-owned) with an excellent total score of 83.1%. The brand also achieved a gold medal in the best new caravan manufacturer category, with 82.4%, and the best pre-owned caravan manufacturer, with 84.7%.

Who Makes The Best Caravans?

According to Practical Caravan, Coachman is the best overall manufacturer (new and pre-owned) with an excellent total score of 83.1%. The brand also achieved a gold medal in the best new caravan manufacturer category, with 82.4%, and the best pre-owned caravan manufacturer, with 84.7%.

Which Caravan Brand Is Best? Reliability and Best Build Quality

As per the Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022, Coachman took the top spot with 93% satisfaction (based on the responses of 3,449 caravan owners). This was followed by another of our caravan manufacturers, Swift, in second place with 90.1%. Online reviews also put Coachman on top, with 91% of reviews achieving 5-star status.

However, it is important to note that reliability can vary depending on the model and year of the caravan. It is recommended to do thorough research before making a purchase decision.

Which caravan has the best build quality?

When it comes to the quality of the build, Coachman Caravans are of high-quality and reliability. The timber framework appears to be much more substantial than those found in other caravans and this is an aspect that’s essential to all caravan-lovers.

Safest Caravan Makes

If safety is your top priority on your trips, Coachmen and Bailey Caravans are your top choices.

Caravan Manufactures That Hold The Most Resale Value

In most cases, you will lose money on a Caravan purchase, but it’s not a waste of money for the memories to be made! If you’re looking for a Caravan that is not going to lose too much money, for resale purposes, going with one of the main brands, like Swift or Coachmen is a good bet.


Adria is the most popular new caravan brand, whereas Coachman is the most popular pre-owned caravan brand. Thanks to consistently positive feedback in both categories, Coachman wins the overall award for Best Caravan Manufacturer.

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