Can You Tour Europe With A Caravan?

If you’re a bit lazy about packing and unpacking when you have weekends away in your caravan, then a long-term Europe trip in your caravan could be perfect for you.

Yes, you can tour Europe with a caravan. You’ll have lots of time to explore Europe and all that it has to offer – different cultures, people, and amazing experiences and attractions are waiting for you.

Before you start your tour, you’ll need to acknowledge some things about caravanning in Europe. To have detailed information about caravanning in Europe, read this thread till the end.

Where To Go In Europe With A Caravan?

Europe isn’t just a small piece of land that you can travel in some days or weeks. It covers more than 10 million square kilometres that are almost 4 million square miles. So, when finalizing the destinations you’ll cover in your trip, you’re going to have a lot of options.

Based on your preferences, such as historic sites, scenic views, etc., you can find more than 7000 campsites across Europe. Therefore, without worrying about finding a good campsite, you can decide where to go in Europe considering the following things:


You should always count the distance that you can travel during your trip. It will help to narrow down the choices you have on your Europe tour.


It’s an obvious factor that will affect your choice. You’ll hear different languages in Europe. If you already know the basics of a language, it will help you a lot in your journey.

Culture & History

If you love culture and history, you’ll find many places in Europe with diverse cultures and history. It will also help you to choose a destination.


The activities that you want to indulge in greatly affect your choice. For example, whether you’re going to be at a place or want to be touring.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Europe In A Caravan?

Just like the countless options you’ve when you think of the places in Europe, the same way you can choose different times of the year. Different places have different weather around the year.

You can decide the best time depending upon the weather or season you want to experience at a place. If you like clear sunny days, don’t forget to do a bit of research about the weather at your campsite and follow our keeping cool guide here.

You can ask a local guide or any local, if possible, about the high seasons during the visit. That will be the time of the year when many people will be travelling to a particular European destination. If you don’t like crowds, then you can also choose to travel out of season.

Why A Caravan Is The Best Way To Tour Europe

You can’t deny the fact that caravanning is becoming extremely popular these days. It’s not without reason. There are many benefits and eases that you have while touring in a caravan across Europe.

• It’s flexible to travel in a caravan
• It’s affordable; you don’t have to pay extra charges
• You can plan a trip anytime you want without worrying if you’ll get an accommodation or not
• It gives you a better opportunity to enjoy a place you’re visiting
• For pet owners it’s a convenient way to still have holidays or breaks away without having to leave your four legged friend at home or a kennels

What Documents Do You Need To Tour Europe With A Caravan?

What Documents Do You Need To Tour Europe With A Caravan?

No matter which part of Europe you’re travelling to, you shouldn’t forget to keep the following documents with you:

• Driving licence to travel all the European countries
• Original vehicle registration document (V5)
• Passport with at least six months duration remaining
• Insurance certificate
• Driving licence paper counterpart (in case you’ve a licence without photocard)
• A GHIC or EHIC card
• An Animal Health Certificate, if you’re taking your pets with you

Is A Caravan Tour In Europe Right For You?

You’ve a lot more options in front of you that are obviously more luxurious than a caravan tour, so that you might give it a thought. Whether you should tour Europe with a caravan or not? A Europe tour with a caravan is right for you if you:

• Are a caravanning enthusiast
• Are not triggered while driving
• Have a lot of time to spend in Europe and don’t want to pay huge hotel bills
• Don’t need luxurious travel facilities, museums, or big cities to enlighten your mood
• Don’t like to interact with a lot of people on vacations

Before you start your journey, here are some tips that you should know to stay safe and legal in Europe:

• You should have evidence of a return ticket. It will show that you’ve enough money to cover your stay in Europe.
• Travel insurance and breakdown aren’t legal requirements, but they will secure your stay in Europe and give you added peace of mind.
• Your caravan headlights should be adapted for driving on the right side.
• You should check up to dated country-specific requirements for your caravan.
• If you’re going to rent a caravan for your trip, you can get help from caravan trip planners. There are many agencies and individuals who offer this service. From hiring a motorhome or caravan to making you familiar with all the laws and rules you’ll need to follow, they can make your trip a lot easier.

Safe & Legal Caravanning In Europe


If you’re a diehard caravanner, travelling Europe in a caravan will be a thrilling experience for you. You can tour Europe in a caravan more conveniently.

You have a lot of options when it comes to places to visit in Europe. Put your interests on the top of the list and then decide the places you want to visit based on the distance, language spoken in that area, culture and history, etc.

Similarly, the best time of the year to visit Europe is totally dependent upon personal preferences. However, you should bring the weather of a place into account for your safety.

Make sure that you have the required documents and you follow the local laws and regulations. With proper planning, you can have a Europe tour with a caravan that will surely be one the best trips of your life.

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