Top 10 YouTube Channels for Caravan Lovers

Are you a crazy caravanning lover? Want to connect with the lives of thousands of caravanners to learn from their experiences? Then, YouTube is great for this.

With everything becoming digital, in recent years, YouTubing has gained a lot of popularity. There are a lot of digital nomads travelling around the world in their caravans. The experiences, tips and tricks they share through their YouTube videos are a huge help for new caravanners.

If you’re new to the field or want to strengthen your caravanning game, here is a list of the top 10 YouTube channels for caravan lovers.

Carolyn’s RV Life

Carolyn of Carolyn’s RV Life can be a wonderful inspiration for you if you’re a solo traveller. She runs this YouTube channel and makes videos about her life and her RV adventures. The teaching and the instructions she provides can help you a lot in becoming a successful caravanner.

If you’ve high aims of exploring far-off areas and looking for inspiration, Carolyn can teach how you can turn your dream into a reality. She has lived her life caravanning and knows well how to make the impossible possible.

Love Your RV

Once you’ve got caravan, you need to understand to keep it for long. The random wear and tear should be acknowledged immediately. But what if you’re on the road and can’t hire a professional to help you with this?

This is where Love Your RV I RV Vlogs can help you. This channel has a lot of content related to RV tips and tricks, how-to’s, mods and upgrades, and reviews of RV products that can help you a lot.

Moreover, the creator makes travel videos of many cool places to explore in your caravan.


When you’re on the road in a caravan, and it’s serving as a home to you, then you can’t tolerate any damage to it. Therefore, you’ll need to know some basic repair and maintenance tips to keep your caravan in good condition.

RV geeks I Tips for RV Repair and Maintenance will give the most useful caravan repair and maintenance tips. The awesome thing is that channel owners provide a special discount for their viewers on their favorite RV gear.

RV Education 101

You can’t begin your caravanning journey without proper knowledge of managing it if something gets wrong. If you want to deal with things like a professional, RV Education 101 is the best YouTube channel.

It’s educating people since 2006 and has a lot of educational videos about different types of RVs, including caravans. Although the channel posts one video per month, the knowledge it provides will surely be helpful for you.



Living in a caravan or any other RV is a thrilling experience that may seem cheap but can be expensive too if you don’t have a plan beforehand. You must have to plan things before you begin your caravanning journey.

CheapRVliving will help you with that. The owner of the channel is working since 2012 to teach caravanners how to make the RV lifestyle free of debt. When you don’t have to pay a debt for travelling, you don’t be worried about the expenses, and you can feel the real charm of every place you visit.

RV With Tito DIY

Do you want to make your caravan or motorhome trip even more affordable? Did you think you DIY tricks? If yes, then RV With Tito DIY can be a great help. Since August 2010, this channel provides tips, techniques, and cool ideas to upgrade, renovate, and maintain your caravan or any other RV.

The channel provides help with tutorials on solar, electrical, plumbing, roof maintenance, and many more projects with one video per month. With a little time, you can learn many useful DIYs from this channel that can significantly reduce caravanning costs.

If you’re a beginner and want to gain some practical experience by travelling with an expert, you can do this with RV With Tito DIY. This channel encourages the users to join them on awesome RV or caravanning adventures.


If you’re a couple who wants to explore some beautiful destinations together, then you must subscribe to RVBlogger. A couple, Mike and Susan, will share their caravanning experience and information with you through 2 videos per week.

You can learn how to be a full-time caravanner conveniently while growing strong as a couple.

I’m Not Lost I’m RVing

Caravanning isn’t an easy thing, and you can’t pursue it without passion. But, unfortunately, most of the 9-5 job workers or people have this kind of lifestyle, consider caravanning a total waste of time and money. But only a true caravanner can understand that living actually means freedom, and you can’t get it living at home.

To encourage your free soul, I’m Not Lost I’m RVing will explain why choosing an RVing lifestyle is better than the usual monotonous routines. So, if you’re looking to persuade people with valid reasons that choosing caravanning isn’t a mistake you’ve made, then you can learn how to do this from this YouTube channel.

I'm Not Lost I'm RVing

Haylett RV

If you need good product knowledge, then Haylett RV’s YouTube channel is perfect for you. He provides a detailed comparison of the products available for your caravan with all the pros and cons. His videos will help you choose the best products without wasting money on those that won’t be helpful.

<h2We’re The Russos

Joe and Kait will provide you a close exposure to the RV lifestyle and travel worldwide through their YouTube videos. If you want to be a full-time caravanner, then there are many things that you can learn from this full-time caravanning couple.


Caravanning is an absolutely enchanting experience that only an enthusiastic caravanner can understand. The charm of caravanning becomes double when you do this with proper planning and experts’ advice.

For experts’ advice, you don’t need to hire someone and pay a big amount for learning how to manage things while caravanning. You can easily learn this from YouTube channels. In this article, we have covered the top 10 YouTube channels for caravan lovers.

These channels’ videos will not only make you a better caravanner but will also be a great pastime.

And if you need more caravan entertainment don’t miss our caravan tv shows article and our caravan movies article.

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