How To Find Free Motorhome Parking In England

If you are looking for free motorhome parking in England, you can camp in the wild or find an approved overnight parking spot for camping vans or motorhomes.

Travelling in a motorhome greatly appeals to individuals who want to enjoy an unhinged, adventurous road trip. However, whether you are new to motorhomes or have had one for a while, one of the regular dilemmas you may face is where to find a parking spot. If you have been on the road all day, you may look forward to rest and a good night’s sleep.

Alternatively, if you plan to camp for a few days and explore the area, you would need a place to park your motorhome without hassle. Besides, if you are travelling on a budget, you may want to curtail your travelling expenses and find free parking spots.

This section provides a detailed guide on finding free motorhome parking in England.

Is It Legally Allowed To Park A Motorhome For Free In England?

It is technically illegal to park your motorhome or van in the UK in a wild or remote area that is not enclosed or associated with a property or a park. Every piece of land belongs to someone in England, and you must seek the landowner’s permission to park your motorhome. If you do so without permission, you may face legal implications.

The only official exception (that we know of) to this rule is Dartmoor in Southwest England, where you can camp in the wild in a few places without any issues.

That being said, parking is generally tolerated, provided you seek the owner’s permission. It is important to practice discretion, be mindful of where you park, and not leave any litter behind or damage the property. It is also wise to keep your stay short and leave as early as possible. A rule that you most commonly get to hear is to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but tyre tracks.

How To Find Wild Camping Spots In England

How To Find Wild Camping Spots In England

Camping with your motorhome in the wild is a great idea if you want to be surrounded by nature and wilderness and avoid the crowd.

As suggested above, there are certain areas in Dartmoor where you can park your motorhome. One great place in this region is Ugborough Moor. There are various attractions around it, including Ugborough Beacon, Tow Moors Way, Spurrell’s Cross and Three barrows, etc. So, if you choose to park, you may extend your stay and explore the place.

Other spots we recommend are Place Fell and Thornthwaite in the English Lake District. Similarly, if you are in Cornwall in Southwest England, you may find good parking options, but stay off the farming land.

Another popular choice is Wiltshire, a popular stop-off area for Devon and Cornwall visitors.

Regardless of where you are headed or park your motorhome, avoid doing so in the car parks or verges and stay off walkways and residential areas. You must seek the permission of the owner of the building closest to the site where you want to park your motorhome to find out if they allow free camping.

You can also check online to verify if you can park your motorhome in the wild in that area if you cannot contact the owner. Keep noise to a minimum, and do not stay longer than necessary.

How To Find Overnight Parking Spots In England

There are various approved dedicated places for campsites across England that let you stay for two to three nights. You may need to pay a small fee to the campsite for waste disposal, using the toilet or the water facilities. You may also find food and fuel facilities in the vicinity.

There are also certain parks where you can park your motorhome for the night. However, no facilities are offered, and your motorhome must have all the amenities inside the vehicle, including a toilet. Pop-up toilets, tents, car camping, or canopies are usually not allowed in these areas.

If such parks are not your thing, you can try them at a nearby supermarket. Some supermarkets like Tesco allow motorhomes to park in their parking facilities. Park and ride facilities are also a good idea if you want to stay near civilisation.

You can also use various online sources to find places where you can park your motorhome for free. One such example is Brit stops. The site / app connects motorhome owners with various stops, pubs, cafes, or restaurants that will let you stay overnight in England. You may have to buy a product from them or order a meal, but the parking will be free.

Other sites where you can find free motorhome camping spots include park4night, searchforsites, camperstop, or camper contact to find free motorhome parking spots. These sites and apps list places from camping sites, supermarkets, car parks, fields, laybys, or caravan parks.

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