How To Level A Dual Axle Caravan

Leveling it is essential for a safe and comfortable journey if you are traveling with a dual axle caravan. Uneven ground can cause the caravan to move around, leading to accidents.

The first step is to use leveling ramps to level your caravan from side to side. Unhitch from your car after choking the wheels. Then adjust the jockey wheel to level your caravan from front to back. Finally, lower the stabilizer legs.

Here is a guide on how to level your caravan using blocks or pads.

Firstly, identify where the problem areas are on your campsite. Chances are, the areas that are higher or lower than the rest of the ground will be causing your caravan to move. If you have a leveling block or pad, place it under the wheel sitting on the high spot.

This will raise the caravan and make it level.

If you don’t have any leveling blocks or pads, you can use bricks or rocks instead. Place these under the wheels on the lower areas to raise them. Be sure to check that the caravan is stable before leaving it unattended.

It is a good idea to carry a few leveling blocks or pads with you when traveling, just in case you come across a site that isn’t flat and needs to level out quickly.

Another way to level your caravan is by using a wedge. These can be bought from most camping stores and come in various sizes. The wedges work on the same principle as the blocks and pads, which raise to either end of the caravan until it is level or until you reach your desired height.

This method works well when you have a sloping campsite.

Whichever way you choose to level your caravan, you must take the time to do it properly. Uneven ground can be dangerous and uncomfortable for those traveling in the caravan. Follow these simple steps and enjoy a safe and smooth journey.

Inspect the spirit level to check if it’s higher on the right or left side.
Place leveling ramps in front of the tire (s) that need to be lifted on the side that requires it (downhill).
As you drive up each step of the leveling ramps, check to see if you’re level side-to-side.
Ensure the caravan brakes are turned on and secure both sides with wheel chocks.
While the chains are still attached, wind the caravan off the tow ball using the jockey wheel.
Remove your caravan from the hitch and move it out of the way.
Adjust the jockey wheel until the caravan is leveled from front to back.
To stabilize the caravan, wind down the stabilizer legs.

Why Is It Important To Level A Caravan?

Why Is It Important To Level A Caravan?

It is important to level the caravan for two reasons. The first reason is that driving or manoeuvring your caravan on an uneven surface is a safety hazard. The second reason is that it can be uncomfortable for people in the caravan.

Uneven ground can cause the caravan to move around and make sleeping difficult. It’s important to take the time to level the caravan properly to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Which Method Is Best To Use To Level My Dual Axle Caravan?

Ans: There are many different methods to level your caravan, which all have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, wedges can help slope sites, while leveling blocks are much easier when you are in a hurry.

It is important to choose the leveling method best suited to your needs and the conditions of your campsite. Remember always to take the time to level your caravan properly for a safe and comfortable journey.

What If My Caravan Isn’t Level?

If your caravan isn’t level, there are a few things you can do to attempt to level it. If you have several blocks or pads, try placing them under the wheel(s) on the high side until the caravan is level.

Another option is using wedges, which can be bought from most camping stores and come in various sizes to suit your situation.

What Is The Difference Between Leveling Ramps And Wedges?

Both leveling ramps and wedges can be used to level your caravan. The main difference is the way they are placed under the wheels. Leveling ramps are placed directly up against the tire (rim), while wedges are placed underneath to raise either end of the caravan.

It is important to use whichever method that best suits your personal needs.

What Is The Difference Between Leveling Ramps And Wedges?

Can You Use Blocks Or Pads To Level A Caravan That Doesn’t Have A Jockey Wheel?

Blocks and pads can be used to level your caravan even if it doesn’t have a jockey wheel. The best way to use them is to place them under the non-drive wheels to raise the end you want to lift.

It would be best if you took the time to place enough blocks or pads under each tire (rim) until it is level. This will help to keep the caravan stable while you are leveling it.

How To Stop A Caravan From Moving While Travelling

Use the jockey wheel if you need to stop your caravan from moving. Wind it down until the caravan is about an inch off the ground and give it a good push with your foot. The van will bind to the tow ball and cannot move around.

If you have wheel chocks, it is good to put them in place before doing this.

How To Stop A Caravan From Moving While Travelling


When traveling in a caravan, it is important to ensure that it is level at all times. This prevents the caravan from moving around and keeps everyone inside safe and comfortable.

There are many different ways to level a caravan, but the most popular method is leveling ramps. These are placed in front of the tires that need to be lifted, and as you drive up each step, you check to see if you are level side-to-side.

If you are not, you then use either blocks or pads to raise the end of the caravan that requires it.

It is important to take the time to level your caravan properly, as an unlevel caravan can be a safety hazard.

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