How Wide Is A Caravan Door?

How Wide Is A Caravan Door? A caravan door is typically around 80cm wide, but like anything else caravan door width (and caravan door sizes in general) can and does vary from one model to the next, and most likely your touring caravan will have much narrower doors than a static caravan.

It’s important to check the width of the door before you buy a caravan, as if you’re planning on adding furniture in future you obviously need to be able to get it in!

If you are going shopping for some new furniture to place inside your caravan just go armed with your caravan door width as removing a window is much more hassle for the sake of getting something inside.

The size of your caravan door may be important depending on how many people you’ll be living with, and let’s be honest the size of the people you live with. If you plan to use it as a permanent home, choose a bigger size than if you’re using it as an extra room or for weekend camping trips.

Finally, consider the space inside your caravan and match the door width to this. You don’t want to be restricted by a small door when you’re moving around inside your caravan.

What Are Caravan Doors Made Of?

What Are Caravan Doors Made Of?

Caravan doors are usually made from aluminium or stainless steel. Sometimes there may be a wooden exterior door with an aluminium interior for insulation purposes, but this depends on the model.

How Wide Is A Caravan Door? Why Should You Consider The Door Width Of A Caravan?

It would be best to consider caravan door width before buying a new or used caravan. The width of the door affects how easily you can move in and out of the caravan, as well as the size of furniture you can bring inside.

It’s also important to make sure the door width matches the width of your caravan’s access points at campsites.

How Wide Is A Static Caravan Door?

A typical static caravan door width is around 28 inches, but this can vary depending on the model. However, the measurements may differ based on the caravan’s type and age.

In a mobile home, replacing or repairing doors can help the structure maintain its structural integrity and visual appeal. Measures must be made to ensure the correct installation of doors in a mobile home before they are installed.

The dimensions of a mobile home’s door are not the same as those of a traditional house. Because there are so many different styles and designs of mobile home doors, appropriate measurements must be collected before the space is re-modelled.

How Do You Take A Door Frame Off A Caravan And Replace The Entry Door?

Replacing caravan entry doors is an interesting operation because, while it appears to be simple on the surface, it is rather intricate, and there is numerous potential for errors.

Remove the internal finishing strips and unscrew the old door.

Cut the frame through and then remove it.

Reroute any wiring and remove the insulation

Measure the aperture to fit the new door

Use a jigsaw to cut out the aperture and insert timber so the door can be screwed in

Glue the door frame to fit in the new door

Can You Fit French Doors To A Static Caravan?

Static caravans are pretty much impossible to retrofit an external French door. The exterior openings in a static caravan are limited by the width of the opening and its height from the floor.

To fit a French door, it would be necessary for you to re-design a room in your static caravan, and perform some major work on the caravan walls, which most likely provide significant structural support.

This is possible, but it would require significant modifications. If you are interested in pursuing this project, you should consult an expert to help you realize your vision.

Can You Fit French Doors To A Static Caravan?

How To Measure Doors In A Static Caravan

Measure the opening in the wall. Consider the room as if the door had been removed entirely, then measure the aperture from wall to wall. This dimension serves as a basic guideline for measuring the door’s perimeter.

They don’t measure the outer door frame because mobile home door frames vary depending on the manufacturer.

Check if the static caravan door is the same as the outward-moving door. Measure the full opening from the inside of the house for an outward-opening door.

Because mobile home doors can only be measured in 2-inch high and 2-inch wide increments, the total opening measurement is the best guess for door replacement.

Check if the door opening on your mobile home is a normal size. A mobile home door’s most frequent size is 32 inches by 76 inches.

Doors on older mobile homes manufactured before 1980 are slightly smaller. The standard door size ranges from 32 to 72 inches.

Check to see if the door can be combined with a storm door and swing to the required standard door swing centre. Measure the entire aperture as if it were a conventional outward-opening door. Also, include the door frame when measuring the inside of the opening.

When combining the door measures, remember to account for the wooden frame. The wood frame on either side and the top and bottom of the door is roughly 1/2 inch thicker than the metal frame that generally accompanies a standard that opens out of the door.


The width of a caravan door is roughly 70-80 cm, which means that it is 20cm wider than a normal door. Caravan doors are made of steel, and you should be aware that this material conducts heat easily.

You should check the width of the door before buying a caravan. Replacing caravan entry doors is an interesting operation because, while it appears to be simple on the surface, it is rather intricate, and there is numerous potential for errors.

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  1. I asked for width of a door of a UK produced Touring caravan. The answers given are incorrect by a huge margin. I have owned British built caravans since 1972 up to 2013 and one french built in 2007. and two USA built RV’s 2003 to 2009. The measurements this site quotes are vastly overstated. Not just wrong but totally inacurate.

    • Thanks for your comment Ken, sounds like you’re talking about touring caravans. This article refers mostly to static caravans (aka mobile homes).
      Our Willerby Rio Gold door frame is 33″ wide, opening element is 28″


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