How To Repair A Cracked Caravan Window

How To Repair A Cracked Caravan Window: We call caravans our holiday homes, but they are also a kind of vehicle at the end of the day. When the caravans are out on the road or below the open sky, the risk of accidents is always there.

Breakages and repairs are all part of owning anything, caravans are no exception and repairs should definitely be factored in to your running cost budget.

Accidents can be of any type, and their results come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, anything carried by the wind can hit the window of your caravan and crack it. Similarly, as the space inside the caravan is congested, anything falling off the shelf can gift you a crack.

These are just two out of numerous possible reasons behind a cracked window. Although accidents are a natural phenomenon, you have to deal with the crack at the end of the day.

We are not always prepared for such expenses, but caravan window repairs needn’t be expensive and a caravan window crack repair may be simpler and more affordable than you expect.

Considering these facts, we have come up with an effective method to deal with the cracks. Don’t like the look of a cracked window? Then, read this post till the end to know how to repair a broken window.

Identifying Caravan Window Cracks

How To Repair A Cracked Caravan Window: Identifying Caravan Window Cracks

You cannot deal with anything properly until you know the true nature of it. For this purpose, identifying the type or nature of the crack is the most crucial step of the procedure. We have divided cracks into three main types depending upon the reason for their formation. These are the types:

Pressure Cracks

There are very few chances that you will ever witness such kinds of cracks on the windows of your caravan. These kinds of cracks appear in the most extreme weather.

The phenomenon is quite interesting behind these cracks. There is a certain amount of pressure in the glass, which keeps it from deforming; when the pressure on the outside of the window decreases or increases considerably within no time, the glass cracks.

You can quickly identify them due to their curvy looks.

If you have such kinds of cracks in your window, then the news is not good. Repairing them is not a viable option as the glass can shatter anytime. The best solution for these cracks is to seek help from a professional to replace the window.

Caravan Stress Cracks

These are the most common types of cracks, but the good news is that they are easily repairable.

These types of cracks and pressure cracks are similar, but the outcomes are drastically different. Pressure cracks form due to the difference between the pressure inside the glass and the outside. On the other hand, stress cracks form due to the difference between inside and outside temperature.

The reason why these types of cracks are so common is pretty simple. In summers, when it is hot outside, we use air conditioning systems to lower the pressure inside. On the other hand, in winters, we use heaters which creates a considerable difference between the temperatures.

The best part is that repairing these kinds of cracks is manageable. You don’t even need the assistance of any professional. You can simply do it yourself using some pretty basic household stuff.

These cracks usually appear as straight lines on the window of your caravan.

Caravan Impact Cracks

These types of cracks are pretty common in the case of touring caravans. As the name depicts, these cracks are formed due to a sudden forceful hit by any object. This could be any fast-moving object ranging from a bird to a flying rock. Even a tiny pebble can cause significant damage to the glass of the window at high speed.

Identifying these types of cracks is not difficult at all. You can quickly tell that something has hit the glass.

Unfortunately, you can’t repair these cracks, and the only option is the replacement of the windows.

Repairing Cracked Caravan Windows

Repairing Cracked Caravan Windows

Now we know that one can repair only stress cracks, so we will only focus on them and turn you into a caravan window repair specialist in no time:

Materials Required

Here is the list of things you will need during the procedure:

• Razorblade
• Toothpick
• Liquid Dishwashing Soap
• Acetone
• Putty Knife
• Two-Part Epoxy
• Glass Cleaner
• Clean Rags
• Paper Plate

Steps Involved

Following are the steps involved in the procedure of repairing a cracked window:

The first step of the procedure is pretty simple. Take a clean rug and pour some dishwashing soap on it. Apply the soap gently on the surface of the cracks and around them. Ensure no broken glass pieces, dust particles, or any other elements are left behind on the surface.

If there is dust on the surface, the epoxy won’t stick properly.

Preparing The Epoxy Mixture
Some epoxies come ready-made from the factories, and you have to add a few drops of water to use them. Generally, epoxies come in two parts. You have to take equal parts of the hardener and the resin and mix them.

Before mixing them, wear a mask as the fumes of the epoxy can be harmful. Although you won’t have to directly touch the mixture but still wear gloves as a precautionary measure. Move to an open area and mix both parts of the epoxy using a toothpick.

It is recommended to mix both parts for at least 30 seconds.

Applying Epoxy
Gently apply the epoxy mixture on the surface of the cracks within ten to fifteen minutes. If you take more time than this, then the epoxy will harden. To fill the gaps equally, use a putty knife.

Give fifteen to twenty minutes to the mixture to settle down properly and get dry. Remove the excessive epoxy mixture and level the surface using a razor blade.

Polish The Surface

For a fine end finish, polish the surface after the whole procedure. This will evenly level the surface and provide a nice finishing touch.


The most critical step of repairing a cracked window is identifying the nature of the cracks. Some cracks are repairable, and some are not. So, before investing in the required material, you should be sure that the damage is repairable.

The procedure of repairing a window doesn’t require any technical knowledge at all. You simply need an epoxy mixture and some other household items. The process is pretty simple and can be done quickly in an hour or so.

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